Funny Shelf Plaque by Blair Cedar (2 Styles)


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  • Made in America
  • Handcut from cedar
  • Measures 18" long and 1" wide

Home decor shouldn't be boring; it should be fun! With a Funny Shelf Plaque by Blair Cedar, you can choose from a range of cute and hilarious sayings that really showcase your personality. We all know that one person in the family who has a lot of sass. That's what makes them so wonderful, and we wouldn't want them any other way. But, what we do want them to have is some awesome decor that matches that personality. From catchy phrases about love to feisty sayings about age, you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for in this cute little shelf-sitter. No nonsense and fun, these make the perfect gift or a little treat for yourself.

Blair Cedar is an American company steeped in tradition. In fact, their tradition of woodworking goes back to 1930 when John Blair began carving tables and chairs for the cafe he and his wife were starting. From there, he used cedar to create other fun novelties like salt and pepper shakers and catchy souvenirs. Since then, he's been able to turn his woodworking into a full-fledged family business and pass the legacy of handcrafted wood items to his sons and their families. They support a wide range of employees from their home in Missouri. We can't wait for you to choose a Funny Shelf Plaque by Blair Cedar!