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Garden Gnome by Old World Christmas


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  • Size - 4" inches tall
  • Blown Glass Ornament
  • Made in America

Gnomes are mythically known for being guardians of treasure and bringers of good luck. With the Garden Gnome by Old World Christmas, add a touch of mythical magic to your tree and decorate with this mushroom sitting friend. You can't see his eyes, because of his tall, red hat, but poking out is his round and beautifully, large nose and long, white beard. In hand is a happy, yellow flower and he sits on top of a juicy mushroom. Only good vibes come from hanging this garden gnome ornament. 

Old World Christmas was founded in 1979, and using methods developed in the 1800s to create their products, have become a trusted and cherished friend in the Christmas ornament industry. With over 1400 designs under their name, there is something for everyone at Old World Christmas!