Grizzly Bear by Wishpets


Brand: Wishpets
SKU: 65977


  • Ultra-Soft Material
  • Measures 12" inches tall
  • High-quality construction

If you have a desire to snuggle a big, fuzzy bear, first of all, don't. Second of all, we have a solution that is much more safe. Snuggle the ultra-soft Grizzly Bear by Wishpets instead! The perfect stuffed grizzly bear does exist, because we have it. Sitting at 12" inches tall, this cuddly guy really knows how to be the softest bear around. This fuzzy friend also loves to travel and he is begging to go on your next big adventure. So make your cuddling dreams come true and get yourself a Grizzly Bear Wishpets.

Based in the USA, Wishpets is a favorite here at Montana Gift Corral. They make snuggly, soft stuffed animals that are designed to exhibit realistic characteristics of animals. We love how life-like their animals are, yet they come in a super-soft material which is great for cuddling. They also have a large selection of species, so you can really express yourself when choosing your new best friend.