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Grizzly Bear Ornament by EarthWood


Brand: EarthWood
SKU: 56221


  • Size - 4" inches tall
  • Made from Olive Wood
  • Crafted in Bethlehem

We love the quality and story behind the Grizzly Bear Ornament by EarthWood. Made from olive wood grown right in Bethlehem, this holy land ornament is crafted by a fourth generation wood carver. Inside the olive wood is a hand-carved silhouette of a bear, inspired by our western wildlife and made to honor the true meaning of Christmas, this Christian-made bear ornament is the perfect gift for anyone celebrating the birth of Christ with a love for natural design. 

We love EarthWood and their practices. Handcrafted in Bethlehem, the family of master wood carvers has been doing this for four generations. They run the largest olive tree factory in Israel and they never cut the trees down. Instead, they harvest the branches and dry them for over a year to get them to the perfect consistency before the carve them. Harvesting olive wood in a sustainable way right in the holy land is what shapes EarthWood to be a Christian owned, high-quality and craftsmanship focused company. Find your favorite EarthWood ornament with us and start decorating your tree with these Christian-based ornaments.