Howl: Another Look at the Big Bad Wolf by Ted Rechlin


SKU: 78084


  • Written and Illustrated by Ted Rechlin
  • Hardcover
  • 96 pages

Many people have reservations about wolves and their contribution to our environment. Author and illustrator Ted Rechlin is proud to offer an insightful and educational look into the love/hate relationship between humans and this species of canines, currently inhabiting various landscapes in Montana! Follow along with Ted as he tells famous stories of these fascinating creatures, and deep dives into the historical and current presence of these mammels within much of the Northwest United States! This interesting book is only 96 pages in length, offering a quick and easy read to get your wolf-inspired fix! 

Ted Rechlin, the author and illustrator of this graphic novel, is passionate about drawing pictures and telling stories for people to enjoy. He tends to enjoy writing about fun topics such as superheroes, bears, wolves, sharks, monsters, and even dinosaurs. This famous author has been featured in several museums, zoos, and publishing companies! Cool!

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