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Sue: Welcome to the World of Tyrannosaurus Rex by Ted Rechlin


SKU: 78086


  • Hardcover
  • 120 pages
  • Dinosaurs/Graphic Novel

Based on the most complete Tyrannosaurus specimen ever found, Sue, this graphic novel is an informative and fun way to learn all about one of the largest dinosaurs. We gained a lot of information from the completion of Sue. Sue was discovered in 1990 and is held in the Field Museum in Chicago. This graphic novel takes all that we have learned from Sue and describes it in a fun, narrative, digestible by adults and children. We love the artist's style and how bright and colorful he makes his work. 

Ted Rechlin is an award winning author and illustrator who creates fun and beautiful graphic novels that help make learning about dinosaurs accessible. He makes cool stories that are supported by scientific study. We love Ted Rechlin's style as an artist. His work is full of color, animation and accuracy. If you want a fun way to learn more about the world's oldest creature, Rextooth Studios has you covered.