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Living Stream Trout by Wild Republic


SKU: 82353


  • Approx. 20" long
  • Surface washable
  • Fill made from recycled water bottles

Get ready to reel in the big one with this Living Stream Trout by Wild Republic. If you're an avid fisherman, you know the joy of catching a big, beautiful trout like this.  Wild Republic has been in the stuffed animal industry since 1979 and understands the impact that can have on the environment. In order to promote education about wildlife and work toward sustainability, all of their stuffed animal toys are made from recycled plastic water bottles. Each bottle is sanitized and shredded. Then, the shred is melted and spun into soft material. From fabric to fill, you can take comfort in knowing that you've kept plastic out of the landfill by buying this trout!

Not only is it eco-friendly, this stuffed fish just looks darn good. Wild Republic has worked hard to create a realistic-looking stuffed animal! If you can't always get to the water when you want to, this trout stuffed animal is the next best thing. Sure it's great for the kids, but we won't judge if you're buying for yourself either! What a fun way to commemorate that fishing trip you just took with the kids and all the fun you had teaching them how to bait a hook and catch a big fish! Those are skills for life and they'll look back later in life being grateful for what you taught them. In fact, this trout could become one of those stuffed animals they hang onto through adulthood because it's so connected to those memories. That's the kind of good gift you get when you give the Living Stream Trout by Wild Republic!