Make Mine a Ditch by Paul Snyder


SKU: 79336
  • 200 Pages
  • Contemporary & Archival Images of MT Bars
  • Published in Montana

When it comes to Montana's history, nothing captures its evolution better than the ornate back bars in its local establishments. As a young child, author Paul Snyder was captivated by the history of Montana’s historic watering holes & the ornate back bars they graced. This curiosity inspired the book Make Mine a Ditch by Paul Snyder, which delves into the mysterious and often overlooked history of these iconic symbols of Montana’s statehood! Pick up this book today, we guarantee you won't be able to put it down.

Paul Snyder from Havre, Montana is an incredible example of the American Dream. His journey began in a small town in Montana, and he went on to achieve so much in aviation, photography, woodworking, and in numerous clubs and community organizations. Learn more about Paul's passions in his page-turning book, Make Mine a Ditch, published by an MT-based company, Farcountry Press!

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