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Mooseberry Tea Tin by Huckleberry Haven


SKU: 30849


  • Made in Montana
  • Tin contains 20 tea bags
  • Ingredients: ceylon tea and natural flavors

Sit back and enjoy the relaxing sensation of Mooseberry Tea by Huckleberry Haven. The Mooseberry Tea Tin is a specialty tea created by the Montana-based company Huckleberry Haven with the strong taste of mooseberries combined with a Ceylon tea blend. While mooseberry itself is more of an earthy taste, Ceylon tea brings notes of citrus and a very full-bodied flavor. By bringing together this mountain berry and the fresh taste of citrus, you get a powerful, bright, and delicious drink! It is also said that mooseberries are good for sore throats and colds because of their soothing properties. 

As a yummy hot drink from Huckleberry Haven, we're certain this will become a fast favorite of yours. Huckleberry Haven has been handcrafting Montana treats in the mountains near Glacier National Park since 1987. Everything they make is mixed in small batches to ensure the quality and the flavor is at its absolute best. We have partnered with this husband and wife duo since our store first opened because we absolutely adore anything that Huckleberry Haven makes. So, if you're already in love with that Montana huckleberry flavor, we can't wait for you to try the Mooseberry Tea by Huckleberry Haven. 

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