Nickie the Gnome by Oak Street Wholesale


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Did you know that Christmas gnomes are heavily influenced by nordic culture? In fact, stories of these adorable little creatures were first told in the early 19th century in Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Sweden! During times of economic struggle and loneliness, nordic people would tell stories of mischievous little fellas roaming around their property, and protecting their land. If you have been looking for a new gnome to add to your collection this Christmas, make sure to pick up Nickie the Gnome by Oak Street Wholesale. Featuring a weighted bottom, making this gnome super easy to display, little Nickie is sure to become a new favorite of yours!

Oak Street Wholesale, a company known for its wonderful array of seasonal and holiday home decor and accents, is a small family-owned company located in central Illinois. Here at Montana Gift Corral, we love Oak Street Wholesale, not only for its great company culture, but also for its awesome selection of yard, home, and Christmas decor. 

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