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Parvaneh Penguins and Snowflake Ornament by Inner Beauty


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  • Measures 4 3/4" long
  • Finial shape
  • Made of glass

Simple and beautiful, this Parvaneh Penguins and Snowflake Ornament by Inner Beauty would look perfect on your Christmas tree, but could also be displayed longer in the wintertime if you are simply a family of cute little penguins. The artist style of Parvaneh ornaments is tranquil. There's not much background noise in this piece as the focal point is the snuggling scene between mama and baby penguin here. While she nudges her baby with her beak, in the background, huge and beautiful snowflakes softly fall to the ground. She dons a little Santa hat for just a bit of added extra flair to this cute moment!

Inner Beauty ornaments are painstakingly crafted. The process begins with mouth-blown glass. Then, using an image as a reference, the artist must think of the painting backwards. In this particular image, the artist begins with the eyes of the penguins and the details of the snowflakes. From there, the rest of the image is filled in over the top of the details. The brushes used are thin and bent to fit inside the opening at the top of the ornament. Sometimes, an image can take upwards of a thousand brushstrokes to complete. Hanging something like this on your Christmas tree is such a wonderful way to think about a beautiful piece of art. And art doesn't get much cuter than the Parvaneh Penguins and Snowflake Ornament by Inner Beauty.