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Postals from Wonderland by Susan and Jack Davis


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  • 12 chapters
  • Published in Bozeman, Montana
  • Contains 925 postcards from 1900-1981

Take a very unique trip into the past with Postals from Wonderland by Susan and Jack Davis. Inside, you'll find an array of personal messages and narratives from actual Yellowstone National Park tourists. The book is organized into chapters by locations and features of the park such as "Old Faithful Geyser", "Yellowstone Lake", "Camping", and "Gateway Communities". Within these pages, you'll find an intimate look at what tourists and travelers were excited to tell their loved ones as they ventured through this beautiful national park. To read the words of someone writing about the park as far back as 1900 is pretty special.

Compiled and published by husband and wife duo Susan and Jack Davis, they are experts on antiques and keepsakes from Yellowstone National Park. Opening a postcard and paper shop in Bozeman in 1990, they were instrumental figures in this unique collectors community. They organized six National Park Antique and Paper Shows in Bozeman and were members of the International Federation of Postcard Dealers. Their storied collection contains over 10,000 postcards, which is the most comprehensive collection of its kind. Today, their collection can be found in the Heritage and Research Center in Gardiner, Montana. For a true peek into the past of Yellowstone National Park, you can't pass up the Postals from Wonderland by Susan and Jack Davis.