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Shelle Lindholm Nosey Neighbor Bear with Hummingbird Pillow by Meissenburg Designs


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  • Approximately 18"x 18"
  • Made in Montana
  • Art by Shelle Lindholm

Add a splash of color to any room with the Nosey Neighbor Bear with Hummingbird Pillow by Meissenburg Designs! A wonderful Shelle Lindholm bear painting on one side with a geometric patterning on the back gives you the choice of whatever tone you are feeling on that day! 

Shelle Lindholm gets inspiration for her paintings from the wildlife near her home. With her studio situated at the edge of the woods, Shelle gets to watch different animals and birds frolic and play. Shelle Lindholm says “The shenanigans I see animals do never cease to amaze me. They are chock full of live-in-the-moment goodness. The make me laugh. And cry. They touch my soul and teach me something new every day - if I stop, watch, and listen.”