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Small Oiled Leather Journal by Sugarboo and Co (3 colors)


SKU: 82724


  • Measures 6" by 8" 
  • Oiled for longevity
  • Sugarboo is based in Georgia

Capture your most inspiring ideas in a special place with this Small Oiled Leather Journal by Sugarboo and Co. Each journal is handcrafted with oiled leather and contains 100 pages of rough-edge paper. If you're looking for a unique way to record your musings, why not do it in style? While available in three colors, each one is unique and might have slightly different colorations in the covers or in the bindings. That means your journal will be special to you, just as whatever thoughts, poems, or ideas you choose to fill it with our uniquely yours. The journal should match the uniqueness of your ideas!

Sugarboo and Co was created by artist Rebecca Puig, who was inspired by the love and innocence of her children, which she has channeled into a range of her pieces. Kids speak simply and plainly to each other, telling the truth even when it hurts and offering kindness without a second thought. When you look at the range of items that Puig creates, you can see that translated to her work - messages of kindness, love, and happiness are seen throughout. With this journal, it is also simple. Leather, paper, and binding. It is the job the author to fill it with delight and truth. Become your own budding author with this Small Oiled Leather Journal by Sugarboo and Co!