Smooth Bear Ironwood Carving by EarthView, Inc. (5 sizes)


SKU: 51839


  • Each carving is unique
  • Made of ironwood
  • Environmentally harvested wood

Ironwood is one of the densest woods known to man. It's one of the only woods that will sink when submerged in water. This Smooth Bear Ironwood Carving by EarthView, Inc. combines those unique elements of the woods with beautiful hand carving. Coming in 6 different sizes, you can choose which bear best fits your styling. The art of carving comes from the traditions of the Sonoran Desert in Southern Arizona and Northern Mexico. EarthView works with artists in small villages in rural areas to create these beautiful carvings.

Gathering ironwood is no easy task. First, it must be exposed to the elements over time in specifically desert conditions. It can also only harvested with government permits and no wood can be chopped down. It only comes from already fallen trees. From there, it goes to the artisans employed by EarthView. This company has been in business since 1994 and is still family-owned. They care deeply about the environment and the society around them, hence their name! When you buy the Smooth Bear Ironwood Carving by EarthView, Inc., you know you're purchasing something that is both beautifully and ethically created!