Whipped Body Wash by Mangiacotti


SKU: 75618


  • 6 oz
  • Dispenses like whipped cream!
  • Made in the USA

When you want a truly luxurious experience in the bath or shower, you need this Whipped Body Wash by Mangiacotti. Described as dessert for your body, this stuff will take your self-care day to the next level. This is an all-in-one body wash, which means it will give you deep moisture and can also act as your shaving cream. No more having 6 different bottles of stuff in the shower to do what you need to do. Each fragrance is crafted with essential oils. To use, put a palm-sized amount between your hands and lather up! Rise and immediately feel the moisture on your skin.

Mangiacotti is an American company with the goal to bring good to the world, both through their products and their acts of kindness. Their See the Good Project aims to build community through small acts of kindness and social conversations. In addition, Mangiacotti has strived to hire people with disabilities to help with packaging their products for over 20 years. Currently, they are working to make their company more green because they know how vital it is to protect Mother Earth. So when you purchase Whipped Body Wash by Mangiacotti, you know you're having a deeper impact than just a shower.