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Willow Tree Nurture Figurine by Susan Lordi


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 66656


  • Measures 5.5”h
  • Crafted from Hand-Cast Resin
  • Hand-Painted

"The gesture of this figure is caring and protective. The small baby bluebird could be a metaphor for something precious—perhaps someone we love, perhaps our environment, perhaps our own inner happiness…"

Do you have somebody in your life that deserves acknowledgment? Whether they are your family, a mentor, or even a close friend, the Willow Tree Nurture Figurine by Susan Lordi is the perfect way to show them your appreciation and thankfulness. Designed by talented USA-based artist, Susan Lordi, this piece is sure to be of unparalleled value, whether you give it to a loved one, or keep it for your personal collection. 

Since 2000, Susan Lordi has been carving the stunning figurines we now well know as Willow Tree! Each and every one of her designs has been carved to express emotion and offer sentimental value. This being said, Susan is passionate about leaving her figurines faceless, leaving interpretation up to the giver and the receiver. With her collaboration with Demdaco, Susan Lordi is able to distribute her unique art worldwide!

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