5 Healthy Dining Options in Bozeman, Montana

Bar bites. French fries. BBQ with all the fixins’. Going out to eat can sometimes be a challenge if you’re trying to eat healthily. Yes, everyone should imbibe in a plate of deep-fried chicken from time to time, but we can’t eat like that all of the time. And whether you live in Bozeman or are just here for a visit, you know that we have a pretty impressive food scene. That might mean packing in the calories if you eat out here often. Fear not, foodie friends! Bozeman also has some delicious, healthy options to help you eat right while still enjoying a fun, dining out experience. Here are a few of our favorites!  

Five on Black

Five on Black - Healthy Bozeman Dining
Image Courtesy of Five on Black

We love Five on Black. Now, it helps that this is near our store in Downtown Bozeman, so that makes it the perfect lunch spot for us, but also the food is insanely fast and always fresh. This fun, funky take on Brazilian food allows for a lot of customization, which is nice if you have food allergies or are trying to eat a particular diet. In five easy steps, you pick your base, your grilled item, sides, and toppings. So depending on what you’re looking for you could make yourself a deliciously hearty salad or something yummy over rice. I recommend the coconut roasted sweet potato and the chimichurri! Yum! Plus, add a Brazillian cheese bun for something a little extra! 

Oba Cafe!

healthy dining options in bozeman oba cafe

Image Courtesy of Oba Cafe!

Oba is a fun little joint that’s seen some reinvention recently. Located off Huffine near Kohl’s, their major menu focus began with acai bowls and smoothies. With loads of ways to customize acai bowls and a nice range of smoothie options, this is a great way to think about dessert differently. A fresh fruity acai bowl is a nice, light way to end a meal instead of ice cream or cake. They’ve added soups, wraps, healthy bowls, and salads to their menu, too. The newest, and most exciting addition, is sushi and poke bowls! They offer lots of ways to customize your meals and have the willingness to work with different diets. You’ll want to check out Oba if you’re looking to switch up your lunch spots to something healthier. 

Ross Peak Grill

healthy meals at the bozeman airport ross peak grill
Image Courtesy of Ross Peak Grill

Yes, Ross Peak Grill is our restaurant in the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport. But we want to make sure everyone knows about this great, healthy dining option if you’re flying in or out of Bozeman. With breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, we work to make sure every meal is taken care of while you travel. We’ve got a really awesome selection of hearty breakfast options, healthy salads, and side substitutions to help you avoid always getting fries. Plus, so much of our offerings can be prepared gluten-free or vegan-friendly. All you have to do is ask. It’s nice to know that even on the go you can stick to your healthy diet!

Little Star Diner

healthy dining options in bozeman montana little star diner
Image Courtesy of Little Star Diner

Conveniently located in Downtown Bozeman, Little Star Diner is known as a wholesome and healthy dining option in our community, owned and operated by a husband and wife duo. Charlie's culinary expertise leads the kitchen, while Lauren keeps busy growing fresh organic produce to incorporate into their recipes. What sets them apart is their dedication to using organic, locally-grown ingredients, and meats sourced from small family ranches around the Gallatin Valley. At Little Star Diner, you'll find a delicious array of seasonal vegetables, specially curated entrees, and even a selection of natural wines! Plus, they have plenty of options for gluten-free and vegan eaters. 

The Well Juicery 

The Well Juicery Bozeman Montana Healthy Dining Options
Image Courtesy of The Well Juicery

The owner of this Bozeman gem, Sarah, developed a passion for health and wellness when she realized that by using food as medicine, she was able to overcome the nasty effects of her autoimmune diseases. Recognizing the need for fresh and nutrient-dense food in the Gallatin Valley area, she opened The Well Juicery. Their juices are 100% organic and cold-pressed, making them an excellent choice for those of you searching for wholesome dining options in Bozeman. Plus, their menu branches out from juice, offering smoothies, wellness shots, salads, and sandwiches!


Written by: Cassi Miller, Alexa Jorgenson

Blog Cover by: Averi Thompson, MGC Graphic Designer



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