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Downtown Bozeman Montana Hidden Gems for Food and Entertainment

Bozeman has many exciting yet little-known attractions.

A diner with a rooftop garden, an old school bus with tacos and a room that is a puzzle you have to solve before you can escape. I mean, Montana is known as the Treasure State, so why not come and explore Bozeman's hidden gems?  



Stuffed Crepes and Waffles, Bozeman Hidden Gem, Downtown, Montana

Photo courtesy of Stuffed

     Crepes or Waffles? Sweet or Savory? Coffee or Tea? These are all questions you’re gonna have to ask yourself when you go to the delicious Stuffed in downtown Bozeman. Located near the Rialto and Country Bookshelf, Stuffed is home to some of the best breakfast Bozeman has to offer. Get the savory Seine with turkey, brie, and tomatoes or the sweet Georgia with caramelized peaches, cinnamon, and walnuts, whatever flavor you pick you can get it on either a 16” crepe or 4”x7” waffle. So pick the flavor your dying to try and know you will leave this gem of Bozeman completely stuffed!


 Little Star Diner

Little Star Diner, Downtown Bozeman, Montana Hidden Gems and Fun Places to Eat

Photo courtesy of Little Star Diner

     Are you looking for a more unique breakfast experience? Then look no further than the Little Star Diner, located on the corner of Babcock and Wallace. Little Star Diner opened up in the late summer/ early fall of 2017 and stands out in an exciting way from the other brunch places in town, on the rooftop is a small garden. This garden is for some of the produce they serve at the diner! In fact, all of the food is made with all local produce, so the menu constantly changes to match whatever is in season in Montana at the time! If you want to eat delicious food that’s all Montanan, Little Star Diner is the place for you.


Bozeman Breakout

Bozeman Breakout, Bozeman Escape Room, Montana, Downtown Fun

Photo courtesy of Bozeman Breakout

     Looking for more than just food? Why not check out Bozeman’s brand new escape room? If you haven’t experienced an escape room yet the idea is that you and your team have one hour to escape a locked room of your choice. Pretty simple right? Well, the only way to escape is by working together to solve a series of puzzles and riddles. Bozeman Breakout offers two thrilling room options, The Asylum and The Heist and they have a third one coming soon, Apollo 13. Escape a psychiatric hospital before a lobotomy or steal the world’s most coveted diamond, but can you breakout before the clock runs out?


 Gallatin Valley History Museum and More

Gallatin Valley History Museum, Museum of Computers and Robotics, Bozeman Children's Museum, Bozeman Montana Downtown Fun

Photos Courtesy of Gallatin History Museum, ACRM, and Roadtrippers

    If a timed escape isn’t quite what you're looking for why not learn a bit more about the history of Gallatin County? Sure, Bozeman’s most popular and famous museum has to be the Museum of the Rockies, but the Gallatin History Museum is the perfect place to visit if you want to learn more about this wonderful city. Founded in January of 1977 the Gallatin History Museum had one mission and one mission only “To preserve, promote, and foster the history of Gallatin County and Southwest Montana”. Located in the old county jailhouse, The Gallatin Historical Society moved into two rooms in the jail in 1977, they finally got the entire building in 1982 when the prisoners were moved to the new jail. It’s full of everything Bozeman, Gallatin County, and Southwest Montana.

    Another notable museum in Bozeman is the American Computer and Robotics Museum, the world’s oldest continually operating museum of its kind. The ACRM is a non-profit museum with no admission charge that has hundreds of artifacts spanning the 4,000 years of technological history. From the ideologies of the Enlightenment Era all the way to AI, the American Museum of Computer and Robotics has it all.

    Bozeman is also home to the Children’s History Museum which is a small museum located downtown that believes that children learn best with hands-on experience and work hard to provide that. Their mission is to be Montana’s leading science and technology museum for all ages.

El Rodeo Taco Truck 

El Rodeo Taco Truck, Bozeman, Montana Delicious Food Hidden Gems

Photo courtesy of Bozeman Magazine 

     You’re bound to work up an appetite after breaking out of an asylum or running around the entire history of human technology. And I happen to know an amazing place to grab a quick and delicious lunch. Parked outside the Dollar Spree just off of Main Street is an old mini-school bus, the El Rodeo Taco Truck. Inside is Montana’s Best Taco, according to Buzzfeed in 2016. And with a five-star review on Facebook and a 4.8-star review on Google, I’m pretty sure they’ve only gotten tastier. So stop by and get all of the authentic Mexican cuisine you can eat and more!


   Explore all of these hidden gems or pick and choose which ones you want to experience this visit and which ones you want to save for next time, just know that Bozeman has many hidden treasures and you will definitely want to try them all.


By Issa Rabideaux 

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