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5 People You Didn't Know Were From Montana

Montana is named the Treasure state, and with a population of just over a million, we truly do have a few treasures from our state! Between the vast valleys and mountains throughout the state, these 5 celebrities have spent a chunk of their time here in the north. There are plenty of faces that have come from Montana but to name a few, here is our top 5 favorite, from our favorite state! 


J.K. Simmons

Image Courtesy of Dujour

From Law & Order to Farmer's Insurance Commercials, J.K. Simmons has shown his face upon numerous shows and movies and has established his career internationally. Simmons studied at the University of Montana in Missoula, where shortly after he found his stardom. With a variety of different roles, J.K. Simmons has achieved many milestones and awards, and to all of the U of M fans, he's a Griz fan too. 

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Image Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter

You may have seen his face as one of the hit starts of Modern Family, but if you were hangin' around Missoula back in the day you might have seen a younger Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Among his stellar acting, Jesse has been an equality activist and has stood up to lots of media scrutiny. We're glad to see this Montanan continue to grow in his successful career!


Evel Knievel

Image Courtesy of NPR

Now you won't see any of us jumping any rivers in rockets or heading upside-down on our dirt bikes, but this man made a life out of performing mind-blowing stunts for decades. Knievel was born in Butte, and what a place to start a stunt career! It always makes me wonder on how much he spent on Health Insurance, but his name lives on and when people think daredevil, they think Evel Knievel. 


Brock Osweiler

Image Courtesy of Betting Sports

If you're a Denver Broncos fan, you'll recognize this individual. Blamed for a few horrible seasons, Brock had a wonderful upcoming in Football, but as of this past week, he announced his retirement from the NFL. Originally from Kalispell, Brock made a name from himself starting in his local sporting events, absolutely annihilating the competition. As Brock moves onto bigger and better things, we wish him a warm Montana best!


 Margaret Qualley

Image Courtesy of Star 

Daughter of Andy MacDowell, Margaret has made a recent appearance in the Box Office playing in Quentin Tarantino's film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Margaret lived with her family on their Montana ranch growing up. After her parent's split, they moved away back to South Carolina but hey, she's still a born and raised Montanan!  


Written by: Chris Wood

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