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Fall is the time to get cozy, and boy do we love to get cozy at Montana Gift Corral!

Fall is the time to get cozy, and boy do we love to get cozy at Montana Gift Corral! When the air gets colder, the leaves change and start falling and buying scented candles gets a little more tempting, we got your back! Blankets and pillows are the first thing that we bring out as soon as we get a whiff of pumpkin spice. If you are torn on what blanket or pillow may be right for you, fear not (even though it’s the spooky season) because we’ve given you an in-depth look at our cozy options! 

Tall Pine Throw Blanket by Carstens

Tall Pine Throw Blanket by Carstens

Any of the Sherpa Throw Blankets by Carstens are a wonderfully cozy option for the chilly fall weather turning to winter! This blanket is more on the thicker side but delightfully soft. One side has fluffy sherpa and on the many pattern choices! For those of you who aren’t familiar with sherpa, it’s known for being super soft. It generally resembles wool or sheepskin and is the perfect eco-friendly alternative to fleece. Since you can choose from the many different patterns, there is unlimited potential for where you can put the blanket that doesn’t jeopardize the tone of the room. Not to mention the affordability of something that feels like a bear made of hot chocolate giving you a life-changing hug.

 Fish Lodge Blanket by Monterey Mills Montana Gift Corral

Fish Lodge Blanket by Monterey Mills

If you are looking for a blanket that is not as thick as a sherpa blanket but still provides adequate warmth then look no further than the blankets by Monterey Mills! Although they are on the more expensive side, these luxurious blankets are great compliments to any room looking to boost that Montana rustic mood. These blankets are great for accenting a home or cabin. These amazing blankets are made of fine acrylic fiber, which makes it softer and warmer than fleece!

Shelle Lindholm Midnight Buffalo Pillow by Meissenburg Designs Montana Gift Corral 

Shelle Lindholm Midnight Buffalo Pillow by Meissenburg Designs

If you are looking for an artsy piece to add some color to a room, the search is over! Any of the Shelle Lindholm pillows by Meissenburg Designs are an amazing way to bring a painting off the wall and into your arms. One thing you should know about this pillow is that it’s vinyl coated fabric so it’s not as soft as polyester or sherpa, but feels more as if it has a thin plastic coating on the outside, which is perfect for if you are looking for decorative pillows to place outside or are wanting a pillow that cleans easily.


Cascade Ridge Bear Pillow by Carstens 

 Cascade Ridge Bear Pillow by Carstens

One of the things that is great about Carstens is that you can often find a matching pillow and blanket that are equally soft! With patterning on one side and sherpa on the other, this pillow is one of the softest things you can lay on. These pillows are great for living rooms, chairs, and bed sets! They can be accompanied by their blanket pair or be a stand-alone piece, but no matter what they are great to cuddle into with a good book! Both the Carstens pillow and throw blanket are also great options for those with children because they are machine washable! Quick and easy clean up!


So whether you are looking for some cozy common room components that are soft or durable, indoor or outdoor use, simple or decorative there is something out there for everyone! Fall is here and winter is approaching so it’s a great time to stock up on everything warm and fuzzy!


Written by Averi Thompson

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