A Montana Way of Comfort





a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint.

A happy pace, we all have one; A getaway from the things that stress us out. We find comfort in the things and people that inflict happiness in our emotions. In a time of distress and world-change, we seek out this comfort more than usual. Tangible or intangible, these ideas of comfort are easier to find than many think. As a toddler, we associated our safety and comfort with our blanket, stuffed animal, or seeking refuge in our Mother’s or Father’s arms. For many here in Montana, that comfort could be on the couch watching Sunday Night Football, the driver’s seat of the F-250, the blanket on the bed, or even the sub-zero winter forests. Comfort is all circumstantial. I find my freedom by heading straight into the Greater Yellowstone Area or up to Glacier National Park to find the silence and peace, while my colleagues find themselves with a cup of cocoa, bundled up next to the fire. 

To truly see the Montana Way of Comfort… well actually all you have to do is keep scrolling :)

The “Stay at Home” Way of Comfort

What you'll need...

This is the “cuddle-up in front of the fire” personality. Shoot, before this whole quarantine thing, we were already doing this up here in good ‘ol Montana, except we were sheltering ourselves from the brutal cold and snow that hits Southwestern Montana for a majority of the year! Keeping the body warm is a stellar way to achieve that comfort, and with the products above, you’ll have no problem at all reaching your happiness; all while staying at home. There's so many things to do at home too. If you're not comfy right away, well you're in control of that! Re-organize the house, re-do the bed, re-decorate the kitchen, the possibilities are endless! If you want the kids to be comfy, grab some new PJ's! Start bringing the household together. Game nights in-front of the fire, late-nights out on the patio, your home is a jackpot for comfort. Remember, comfort is also found with the ones closest to you! A Montana Way of Comfort is found best at HOME. 


Well this is awkward, we ran out of other ways of finding comfort. I guess the reason why is we really want you to stay home. We are all in this together. Our ways of comfort will change, and once we get through COVID-19 together, we can be comfortable together again. We will come together as our community once was. We love you all, and we hope to help your down-home days will be comfy with all of our home goods on our website!

Stay safe out there! 

Written By: Chris Wood

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