A Taste of Montana

Staying home is hard. It’s even harder when you live in Montana and are blessed with the world’s best backyard. If you’re pining to get out and experience everything this great state has to offer, why not opt for a literal taste of Montana? Montana’s fresh air, steep hillsides, and snowmelt combine to make the sweet and subtly tart huckleberry we prize right along with the other gems that make this the treasure state.

Huckleberry Jam

It won’t be long before the bears that are making their way out of their dens find a sunny spot next to a huckleberry bush and snack the day away. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait to get your fix. A couple of our favorite Montana companies, Huckleberry Haven and Huckleberry People, let us deliver this wild Montana treat straight to your door all year long. Making an order is easy and saves you the grief of heading to your favorite spot just to find out Yogi and Boo Boo beat you to it (or worse yet, them still working on picking that bush clean). Another advantage of getting your favorite huckleberry snack sent to your door is that it assures you don’t eat them all before you get home.

Bear Eating Huckleberries

Located just outside of Glacier National Park, Huckleberry Haven is in prime huckleberry country and has been perfecting their recipes for over thirty years. Whether you’re looking for jams, syrup, honey, candy, or drink mixes, they have it and it’s delicious! They even have candles to wrap your entire home in the wonderful smell of wild huckleberry. I know my coworker Chris would be upset if I didn’t mention one of his all time favorite Gift Corral products that just so happens to come from Huckleberry Haven, Huckleberry Lip Balm! I’m not sure if it’s because his lips are so soft or because they smell like huckleberry, but his pup Stanley sure does like giving him kisses!

Huckleberry Lip Balm

Out of Missoula, Montana comes Huckleberry People and some of the best candy bars I’ve ever had. Huckleberry Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar, Montana S’mores Bar, and the Espresso Candy Bar are just a few of their offerings that help me keep a nice insulating layer year round. If you find yourself with dryer hands than normal with all the handwashing you’re doing, well, Huckleberry People has that problem solved, too, with their Huckleberry Shea Butter Soap Bar.

Huckleberry Shea Butter Soap Bar

If you can’t decide how to satisfy your huckleberry cravings, try out a gift crate or basket. My personal favorite is the Montana Made Food Gift Box that brings you something tasty from all over Montana including, of course, Huckleberry Haven and Huckleberry People.

Handful of Huckleberries

We’ll all be out soon enough filling our buckets to the brim and scrubbing the purple off our hands and faces. Until then, let us deliver a little taste of summer.

Written by Stephen McNeal 

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