Huckleberry Shea Butter Soap Bar by Huckleberry People


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  • Made in Montana
  • Moisturizing Soap with Shea Butter

Huckleberries smell just as good as they taste. The Huckleberry Shea Butter Soap Bar by Huckleberry People is made with shea butter which makes the skin extra soft and silky feel. The smell of the bar is amazing! We love the sweet fragrance of wild huckleberry - it's clean and crisp and very refreshing. So if you like smooth and soft skin or just the smell of the rare huckleberry, give this wild huckleberry soap bar a shot.

The Huckleberry people in Missoula Montana have put wild huckleberries into a moisturizing soap bar. Founded in 1982, Huckleberry People wanted to put to use their delicious family recipes using out prized Montana berry. As their popularity grew, so did the company. Now, Huckleberry People is well known for their incredible recipes, huckleberry products and body products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Gary Peel
The Best soap

Great soap,,,,used same soap for 20 years,,,started buying this on our yearly trips to Montana and Wyoming,,,,got hook,,,it cost a little more but worth the difference..soap lather last to very end,,,thin as paper...I buy 10 bars at a time,,,these days you never know if they may not have it

Hi Gary! Thank you so much for the awesome review! We appreciate you!

Susie Grider
Hallelujah, Huckleberry!

The. Best. Soap. Ever. Bar none!
The light, refreshing fragrance, the squeaky clean feel of your skin, plus the softness the shea butter brings puts this soap in a league of its own. Warning: if you try it, you are hooked!

Gift from son

My son went to Montana in April for a business trip. He asked what I wanted him to bring me as a souvenir and I said anything with huckleberry, such as tea or a scented candle. He brought me the tea and candle, both of which were really nice. He also brought a bar of your soap. It is absolutely phenomenal. It lathers easy and leaves my body feeling soft and smooth. It also leaves a wonderful scent in the bathroom. I can't wait to order more online because his next trip is not until 2019 and I can't wait that long to enjoy the soap.

Soft and creamy soap

Bought a bar at your store and I loved the feel of it on my skin. Ordered several bars and gave one to my daughter to try.

Fantastic Soap!

We love, love, this product.
It is very creamy, does not dry out your skin, yet not oily.
It has a very nice scent that is not too strong. Even my husband likes it which says a lot since he hates those other smelly soaps!