Huckleberry Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar by Huckleberry People


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Montana Gift Details:

  • Made in Montana
  • Size - 4.5 ounces

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Just when you thought the sublime combination of sea salt and chocolate couldn't get any better, The Huckleberry People created the Huckleberry Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar! The process begins with pure milk chocolate which is enhanced with the fruity burst of wild huckleberries hand gathered in the beautiful mountain meadows of Montana. As the chocolate begins to set, a sprinkling of raw sea salt is added. The final creation is a taste-bud-tingling wonder of sweet, fruit, and salt. It is unlike anything you have tasted before. As one of our favorite Montana foods, The Huckleberry Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar is a treat you'll want to try!

The Huckleberry People Company was founded in 1982 in Missoula, Montana.  Using family recipes, the company wanted to bring the magic of huckleberry to the world. Huckleberry only grows at high elevations in the mountain ranges 5,000 feet above sea level. Huckleberry People has been crafting huckleberry recipes out of Missoula, Montana for over 37 years. If you want to try the Western delicacy that is huckleberry, this delicious candy bar is just what you need! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Crystal White
The best chocolate

This was a gift and it was one of the best dark chocolate bars I have had. It had a hint of berry with the sea salt.

Howard Pearcd
Nice and dark!

My friend Kate gave me a bar of this chocolate today.
Luckily I like dark chocolate.
I couldn’t taste any huckleberry flavor (sad),
however the dark flavor was fantastically good.
I recommend it to anyone traveling to Montana
that likes dark (very dark) chocolate!

Valerie Candee

My financial planner here in Pittsburgh, PA is from Montana and treats me to a Montana gift every Thanksgiving and this year it was this delicious chocolate. I am hooked, it is the best dark chocolate I've ever had!!

Brenda Meadows

This dark chocolate bar is the most unbelievable tasting bar ever!! The huckleberry is subtle, and then in each bite you seem to get that one crystal of sea salt. I bought this bar at the Lewis and Clark Caverns gift shop, and wish I had bought more. Thank goodness for the internet I can get my fix.


The best chocolate ever. The dark chocolate with a hit of huckleberry is so smooth with the hint of sea salt makes this the best ever. My son brought me back a bar on a recent trip to Oregon. I loved it so much I went online looking for more and found you. I will definitely be ordering again and again.