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Dean Crouser, the famous watercolor artist, is a dear friend of Montana Gift Corral. If you have had the chance to visit our Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport, Gallatin Valley Mall, Walmart, or Downtown Bozeman locations, you will have noticed Dean Crouser's Watercolor Art on full display. His artwork is unmatched, and his passion is next-level. Both Dean and his artwork are able to light up any space.

 Dean Crouser artist

Dean is an Oregon native, and can often be found fly fishing or camping in the beautiful forests below Mt. Hood. Much of his watercolor art is inspired by the wild places he visits in his free time! Dean Crouser is passionate about keeping his artwork simple. In fact, Dean states "I am always striving to say the most with the least and like to keep my work loose and spontaneous.". Deans artwork is now licensed, and collected worldwide.

Dean crouser hummingbird art

dean crouser hummingbird art

For almost a decade, we have had the honor of sharing Dean Crouser's art with the world. Through his collaboration with both DEMDACO and Big Sky Carvers, Dean's beautiful watercolor artwork is accessible world-wide!

We had the opportunity to sit down with Dean Crouser during the 2019 Bozeman Summer Art Walk at the Gallatin Valley Mall. In this interview we learned more about his painting techniques, his history with Montana Gift Corral, and his biggest inspirations! 

For more information on Dean Couser, check out our artist feature below:

Dean Crouser Art Feature

There is no denying that here at Montana Gift Corral we adore Dean Crouser's artwork! Although we have a plethora of products designed by Dean Crouser, we would love to share just a few of our favorites! If you are interested in shopping our entire collection of Dean Crouser art, click here!

Dean Crouser Trinket Set by Demdaco

One of our favorite products designed by Dean Crouser are his Trinket Sets! These colorful trinket sets are perfect for storing spare change, office accessories, or even just random knick-knacks! Get your hands on one of these unique trinket sets to keep your space nice and tidy!

Dean Crouser

Dean Crouser Trinket Set by Demdaco

Dean Crouser Wildlife Mug by Demdaco

You can not go wrong with the Dean Crouser Wildlife Mugs by Demdaco! These adorable mugs feature a wide variety of colorful wildlife, simply waiting to brighten up your space. These mugs are perfect for enjoying your favorite warm beverages, and are sure to get your mornings started off right!

Dean Crouser Wildlife Mug by Demdaco

Dean Crouser Wildlife Mug by Demdaco

 Dean Crouser Horizontal Plaque by Demdaco

If you are looking to add a vibrant touch to your current home décor arsenal, look no further! The Dean Crouser Horizontal Plaque by Demdaco is the perfect wildlife-inspired accent that is sure to add a pop of color to your home! These picturesque plaques feature a variety of heartfelt quotes that are sure to inspire you!

Dean Crouser Plaque

Dean Crouser Horizontal Plaque by Demdaco

Check out our full selection of Dean Crouser art here!


Written by: Alexa Jorgenson, MGC Content Creator





Geri DeYoung

Geri DeYoung said:

Can matching mugs & coasters be a possibility?
Also are demdaco & couser the same artist & where are they made? Do they come from China?

Montana Gift Corral

Montana Gift Corral said:

Hi Geri! Yes, Dean Crouser does matching designs on both his mugs and his coasters. Dean Crouser is the talented watercolor artist behind these pieces, however, his product is available through Demdaco.

Dean’s art is hand-designed in Oregon and produced in China.

Barbara  weston

Barbara weston said:

i want one buffalo mug by dean crouser!

Montana Gift Corral

Montana Gift Corral said:

Hi Barbara. Great choice! We, unfortunately, do not carry the Buffalo Mug by Dean Crouser, but you can shop our other styles using this link:

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