Artist Feature: Fred Conlon and SugarPost

Everyone has their own style. And when we find our style, we own it. We wear clothes that speak to us, decorate our homes in a way that makes us happy, and even adorn our outdoor spaces with art and trinkets that give off our own vibe. Sure, we might question someone else's style choices, especially in the outdoor arena, but we all just want to be unique in some way. That's the same idea behind the work of Fred Conlon and SugarPost.


Fred Conlon: Metal Artist


Fred Conlon has an artist's heart. Born in Colorado, he was raised by very creative parents. He went to college, first in Iowa and then in Colorado, and like most artists, always kept creativity close to his heart. While he graduated with a degree in Public Communications, it wasn't until after college that he fully stepped into that art world. He opened a pottery shop, not making much money but doing what he loved.


SugarPost Garden Art Band


One day, Fred created a little turtle out of some metal scraps, and set it outside of his pottery shop. Much to his surprise, someone stopped by asking to buy it! Today he creates one-of-a-kind, wildly unique metal art for your home and garden. He uses junked metal pieces, old dummy grenades, bullet cases, and whatever metal odds and ends he can find to craft his metal garden art.

 Gnome Be Gone Garden Metal Art


Here at Montana Gift Corral, we're big fans of his Gnome Be Gone series. Garden gnomes and pink flamingos are cute, but Fred believes in "garden art that doesn't suck." These adorable little monsters will wreak just the right about of havoc in your backyard garden or patio display. Put the gnomes and flamingos on notice! These guys are little stinkers show no mercy!


Gnome Be Gone Flamigo Metal Art


If you love Fred's funky, recycled style, we also recommend something for the home. His line of desk decorations and paperweights will help you extend that personal style to the office, too! We just love celebrating our favorite, American made artists! Be sure to stop our full line of SugarPost items!  


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