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Best Christmas Lights in the Bozeman Area

One of my absolute favorite Christmas traditions with my family is to look at neighborhood Christmas lights. There's something magical to me about the whole experience. Everyone dressed in comfy clothes and fuzzy slippers, travel mugs of huckleberry hot cocoa in hand, and a well-curated playlist of Christmas jams on the radio. Much to the annoyance of my younger brother, this is a Christmas tradition I refuse to give up and I look forward to it every year when my family comes to visit Montana. Festive Bozeman and Belgrade residents are always so willing to share their beautiful displays with others. That's why I love living here! :)

So, I forced my family into the car on a freezing cold night and drove them around to look at all the neat Christmas light displays. Here are some of our favorites!

Keystone Drive - Belgrade

Bozeman Area Christmas Lights

This house has consistently been a favorite of mine for the past couple years. Firstly, it's close to my home and easy to drive by after work, but it also seems like they keep adding cute little blow-ups and lighted scenes year after year. From front yard to back, these Christmas lights include Disney references, Star Wars highlights, and lots of other fun characters! Definitely worth the drive to Belgrade!

Powder River Avenue - Bozeman

Powder River Avenue Christmas Lights

Speaking of cool music-themed Christmas displays, this one on Powder River is so neat! My favorite part of this house was that the lights went from all white to all colors of the rainbow as the music changed! They have a sign in their front yard that tells you where to tune your radio station so you get the full effect of this display. When we went by this year, it was playing a Snoop Dogg Christmas song, which cracked me up! That makes my Christmas heart so happy! This house is very near the Gallatin Valley Mall, so it's a fun one to drive by after you've done a little shopping at our store in there!

Cuppa Jo on the Go - Thorpe Road - Belgrade

Cuppa Jo on the Go Christmas Lights

I might be a little biased here, because this is my favorite coffee shop in the valley, but these guys go all out for Christmas decorating! Every tree is strung with lights, they wrap lights all around their building, and they have lighted reindeer and a twinkling snowman in the front this year. The little snowman is my favorite! Also, this year Belgrade came together and had the most epic Christmas Convoy of trucks and semis decorated with lights cruising the streets, and two of those trucks can be seen out front of Cuppa Jo. See all the pretty twinklies definitely improves the commmute through River Rock every night! 


West Babcock Street - Bozeman

Bozeman Area Chistmas Lights

Oh man, this was a fun new house for me to see this year. Apparently the "Bah humbug" part of this display stays up all year round, but I was absolutely blown away by the number of lights on this little house! I mean, on at least three sides of this house they have plastered lights on every empty space their siding has to offer. Once I'd taken in this visual delight, I looked to the right and saw a huge reindeer blow up! Seriously, I didn't even see it at first and when I did, bam! These people are doing Christmas lights and displays right!

Shadow Glen Drive - Bozeman

Bozeman Area Christmas Lights

Bozeman Area Christmas Lights

Okay, I saved this house for last because, well, it is the Christmas house. I am not kidding. You can see this house from the road. You want Christmas blow ups? They've got them in spades. You want Christmas lights? This place lights up their entire block. This is what my mom would call a Christmas explosion!  These folks even keep their garage open and filled with decorations. You can get out of your car and walk through their garage to see their backyard. Plus, part of the time the homeowners are out there giving out candy canes to kids. If that doesn't say Christmas cheer, I don't know what does!


Bonus: Montana State University

Bozeman Area Christmas Lights

I really appreciate the Christmas lights on Montana Hall on campus. They are simple and subtle, but it's fun to see the Christmas cheer for all the students on campus! Go Bobcats!

Written by: Cassi Miller

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