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Best Ways to Relax... Montana Style

Hi, my name is Montana. Some of you may know me while others, well they think of me more as one of the "United States of Canada." I'm one of the larger states in America, but I don't have as many people. My winters can be brutal, but my summers are nothing short of stunning. I have a lot of different personalities as well. I have ranchers, farmers, skiers, hikers, anglers, hunters, artists, designers, celebrities, well actually I have them all! One thing we as Montana have in common...

We Like to Relax.

Many ask me, well how the heck can you relax in a state that is so cold? Well when many people think of Montana, the first thing that comes to mind isn't usually hot, but in fact... i'm very hot. For centuries, my people have relaxed after a long day of work by heading to one of my hot springs. Yes, this was a gift I was born with. I have over 60 accessible natural hot spring pools that many come to sit back, relax, and crack open one of Montana's many fine brews. 

A number of my pools reach temperatures well over 100° F, but if the heat isn't your way of relaxing, my people tend to look about 100° to the south and find themselves in some of the most diverse mountain ranges in North America! Miles upon miles of trails scatter my bumpy portion, i'm talking about Southwestern Montana of course! As you head into any National Forest in Montana, the trails range from high-alpine mountain passes to luscious soft trails that ground you on the floor of mountainous rain forests. This is a wonderful way to get away from the crowds, and place yourself with your own thoughts and the breeze that whistles through the thick pine forests. 

Another way of whistling through my vast forests is just as easy as getting in the car! There are tons of scenic byways and iconic routes throughout Montana that will land you in some of the most beautiful landscapes, you'll think Bob Ross himself painted them! Some of my favorite drives that will make your stomach sink in awe are Montana HWY 93 through Ronan, and HWY 89 south through Livingston. Here you will find some of the most stunning and rugged mountain ranges in Montana. Here you will drive through native land, home to the true inhabitants of Montana; the original settlers of myself. Montana is home to a rich history of Native Americans that continues on today!

No matter how you spend your day, the Montana Tradition is to gather around the fire. I have seen fire-pits in some of the most deserted stretches of the state. The fire is what brings us all together. Here is where you can relax, hear stories passed down from generation to generation, and get back to a state where it's just you, your friends, and my natural feel of Montana. 

Montana is relaxing... Montana is pure. 


Written by Chris Wood 



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