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    One of the best gifts you can give this holiday season is a nice long relaxing break. Maybe you wish you could send your loved one on a vacation to somewhere foreign and exciting or maybe you wish you could give them a full spa day? However, your wallet might be begging you not too. That’s okay! There is a simple way to give your loved ones the relaxing get-away they deserve. All you have to do is bring the spa to them with a wonderful bath-and-body gift basket! Not only that but you can make the gift as unique as you and your loved ones by making it yourself! Check out these Bath-and-Body gift basket must-haves!




Creating a Bath and Body Gift Basket with the Montana Gift Corral Candles

    While candles aren’t technically a bath or a body product they are a must-have for any true bath and body experience. Candles are a fantastic way to wind down after a long day of stress. Their soothing scents often remind us of some of our favorite memories and sensations, instantly transporting us to our happy place. As soon as your loved one lights their candle they will begin to feel the stress slipping away as they are swept away by their favorite scent. Not only that but any respectable spa uses candles to create a soothing atmosphere, and your loved one will experience the spa-like ambiance instantly. Pick out a candle with your loved one's favorite scent, or use one that reminds you of a fond memory you share! Maybe get two separate candles to mix and match for the perfect scent to help your loved one relax and unwind for the perfect stay-cation!




Creating a Bath and Body Gift Basket with the Montana Gift Corral

    A bath-and-body gift box wouldn’t be complete without an amazing bar of soap or two! One of the best ways to relax is with a quick and soothing wash. Every time you take a shower or bath you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. There’s a reason we ask “feel like a human again?” after someone gets back from showering. Give your loved one the gift of refreshing cleanliness with some handmade soaps! Washing the body off with soap before relaxing in the tub is a great way to get softer skin. Soap has a tendency to dry out our skin, but a quick wash before a nice long soak helps that problem! Help your loved one prepare for a day of rest and relaxation with some shea or goat’s milk soaps! These soaps are gentle on the skin and smell amazing! They not only help prepare your loved one's skin for a nice long soak, but they also help your loved one relax with the sweet and soothing scents!



Bath Salts

Creating a Bath and Body Gift Basket with the Montana Gift Corral Soothing and Foaming Bath Salts and Mineral Soaks

    No at home spa day is complete without a nice long soak in the tub! However, just sitting in lukewarm water isn’t exactly a treat yourself experience. But don’t worry the Montana Gift Corral has got your covered! Help your loved one turn an ordinary bath into a fantastic spa soak with a Salt Soak! Bath salts are infused with rich minerals that are wonderful for the skin. Soaking in a hot bath will open the pores in the skin and then the minerals in the bath salts can do their work. Soothing bath salts help cleanse the pores, removing any toxins, oils, and dirt from the skin. Your loved one will feel refreshed and rejuvenated after taking a long relaxing bath in our salt soaks! To give your loved one a splash of fun gives them some Foaming Bath Salts! These fun bath salts have the same soothing and cleansing properties as regular bath salts but foam up, adding the relaxation and fun of a bubble bath!   




Creating a Bath and Body Gift Basket with the Montana Gift Corral Lotions

    Unfortunately, all good things must end. Help your loved one cope with the loss of their bathtime with some wonderful lotion! After a delightful wash and relax, your loved one will inevitably have to leave the tub, but that doesn’t mean their beloved spa day has to be over! Lotion is made to help repair and refresh damaged skin. After a long soak, it’s recommended to gently rub a lotion into the skin before gently drying it with a clean towel. The lotion helps lock in the moisture and minerals to give your skin a healthy glow. Goat’s milk lotion is a natural and gentle lotion that will refresh and nurture the skin until it’s happy and healthy.



Oils and Creams

Creating a Bath and Body Gift Basket with the Montana Gift Corral Body oil, body cream, extra strength cream

    Lotion is a wonderful thing. It makes the skin feel silky soft and helps keep the skin moist in even the driest conditions. However, sometimes someone’s skin will need a little extra love. Body creams and oils are the perfect solutions for someone with dryer skin or for someone who works in harsher conditions! Creams are thicker and have an easier time penetrating the skin than lotion does. This means body cream has an easier time trapping moisture within the skin! Oils on the other hand act a bit more like lotion. The oil is absorbed into the skin like lotion is, however the similarity ends there. Oils, especially natural oils, mimic the oils in our skin. After oils are absorbed in the skin, the top layer of skin treats the oil like its own. The oil helps moisturize your skin while also repairing and regulating our skin’s oil production. Oil is especially good for people who have oily skin because it helps the body regulate without overcompensating. Give your loved one a blend of lotions, oils, and creams to give them the best possible bath-and-body skincare!



Mineral Spray

Creating a Bath and Body Gift Basket with the Montana Gift Corral Mineral Spray from Medicine hot Springs

    Sometimes life can get in the way of our rest and relaxation. People are busy and have things to do! But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a quick moment of peace. If your loved one is the busy type you can still give them the gift of relaxation this holiday season with mineral spray! Mineral spray acts the same way mineral salts do! The only difference is that the mineral spray already has the mineral salt dissolved in water! After taking a quick shower your loved one can enjoy the sensation of a mineral soak by simply spraying their mineral spray on their body! Mineral spray acts just like lotion, spray it on and gently rub it in. With the mineral spray, even your busiest loved one will get to experience the joy of an at-home spa day!

    To give your loved one the gift of rest and relaxation this holiday season the sweetest and easiest way is to create your own bath-and-body gift box! To create the ideal bath-and-body gift box all you have to do is pick out the scents and minerals that work best for your loved one! Get your hard-working brother a gift box with a Timber-scented soap loaf and some sports formula mineral spray! Or maybe your mother is stressed and could use some lavender lemongrass bath salts and some fresh lily and grapefruit body oil to help relax. No matter who you give your bath and body gift box to, by creating your own you can guarantee your loved ones will adore them!


By: Issa Rabideaux

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