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Five Fun Montana T-Shirts You Need to Own

Saturday, June 20th was a great day here in Bozeman, Montana. This was the official signal to put away the sweatshirts and pants and prepare for summertime! Spring left with a little dusting of snow in the surrounding mountains, but summer introduced us to some warmth that is sure to stay... well, only for a few months that is until the snow starts flying again! 

Though it is finally warm and the sun is actually shining, a problem that I instantly faced was that I only had winter clothing! Almost all my clothing was for those snowy walks around town or those cold commutes to work. My hunt for clothing first began with a few local stores but then realized... hey, Montana Gift Corral has a huge selection of t-shirts, especially attractive Montana-themed shirts! My hunt was complete as I walked into our Downtown Store at 237 E. Main in Bozeman. There were plenty of shirts to choose from, and even more of a selection online at giftcorral.com 

From all the shirts I saw, I compiled 5 of my favorite shirts that you need to have. From the quality to the design, these shirts have been some of my favorites. Plus, these shirts make it easy to show off that Montana state pride. 


Behemoth Cutthroat Trout Montana T-Shirt


Many Anglers are aware of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and how diverse and pristine the fishing is around Bozeman. This shirt is a great asset to have on the river, especially when you'll have the chance to catch what is printed on the back of your shirt. With a light olive color, matching with this shirt is effortless, and this piece can easily double as a casual/around-town shirt as well as a wonderful nature shirt. 



These shirts are sized off a unisex scale, closer to men's sizing, which means they fit a wide range of body types. Lakeshirts creates wonderful shirts that fit both men and women with comfort. With a stylish pocket on the front and an attractive design on the back, this shirt is perfect for those looking to upgrade their favorite shirt with something new! 

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Port Primal Mountains Montana Shirt

When looking for new clothing, usually it comes down to the price, comfort, and style before buying. Luckily this shirt ranks high in all of the key categories. This shirt has a nice contemporary design that is sure to turn heads. Prepare yourself to hear a whole lot of "nice shirt" wherever you go. It's soft, comfortable, and stays in-style all year 'round, perfect for those cool summer nights and that unpredictable Montana weather! 

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 Dark Navy and Green Bigfoot Montana T-Shirt

From what we know as a species, we have figured out that Bigfoot loves living in the woods. The high alpine passes and thickly wooded forests have boasted the most sightings of Bigfoot. It is without a doubt that Bigfoot would love the Montana mountains. These untouched ranges of beauty would make a splendid getaway for the beast. Grab a fashionable shirt the next time you head out for a hike. Sport your love for the forest and Montana, all with a little twist! 

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Graphite Blueprint Mountain Grizzly Montana T-Shirt

This do-anything shirt needs to be added to your collection. Whether you're headed to the gym, out for a walk, a bike ride with the kids, you name it... this shirt will help! I have never had a shirt fit so well. This shirt is snug where it needs to be, while allowing free movement without any issues. 


The back portion of this t-shirt includes an intricate sketch of a grizzly bear in a high-alpine climate. The phrase "Montana, Last Best Place" is one to wear with confidence. Montana remains one of the wildest places in the lower 48, so show off your favorite state with the help of the Graphite Blueprint Mountain Grizzly Montana T-Shirt by Lakeshirts!

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Montana Adventure Accursed Screen Resort Tee

I have found that it is hard to find a modern yet attractive shirt when I travel to new places. Once I came across this shirt, my search was over. This modern shirt captures the adventurous side of Montana while keeping a sleek design that doesn't overpower an outfit. The long-sleeves help on breezy days in the Montana summer. Roll those sleeves up and have a night on the town, or keep them down while you're hiking in the Bridger Mountain Range! 


The rear of the shirt greets you with a larger version of the graphic that was present on the front of the shirt. The high mountain peaks reflect on the impressive ranges that are scattered throughout Southwestern Montana and beyond. With subtle color tones, this shirt is easy on the eyes, and comfortable on the body. 

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Montana Gift Corral has shirts for everyone. Get something for the little one, the special someone, or the one reading this (yourself). Many of these clothing items are sourced locally so update your wardrobe with the help of Montana Gift Corral!


Happy Summer Everyone!


Written By: Chris Wood

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