Kid Friendly Activities in Bozeman, Montana

Summer vacations create lasting memories. Some of my best memories are my parents loading us into the car before the sun was up and heading west for adventures in Montana, Yellowstone, and other exciting destinations. Head to Bozeman, Montana, and partake in these fun family-friendly activities! You'll never be bored in the outdoor playground that surrounds our scenic mountain town!

1. Bozeman Farmers Market

Famer’s markets in Montana have become an event all their own. Of course the focus is delicious produce and locally made goods, but now they are something more than just shopping. Bring the whole family! Sometimes featuring live music, kids’ activities, food trucks, and other fun events, it’s easy to spend a couple of fun-filled hours at a farmer’s market! The Tuesday night Bogert Farmer’s Market at Lindley Park in Bozeman has music and a climbing wall for kids! Recently, Belgrade has worked hard to reinvigorate their Thursday night market with unique vendors, food trucks, and kid’s activities like a magician and a junior carpenter workshop. The Livingston Farmer’s Market has fun themes each week for families like Wildlife Preparedness, Fitness Day, and Eat Local Day! As you can see, it’s a fun event for the whole family and it’s free to attend!

farmers market


2. Museum of the Rockies

Museum of the Rockies inspires life-long learning in science, history, culture, and art; advances knowledge through collections, research and discovery; and presents engaging, vibrant exhibits and educational opportunities. Museum of the Rockies brings the world to Montana and shares Montana with the world. See a full-scale T. rex skeleton or enjoy several of the current exhibitions with your tots!

Museum of the Rockies

Museum of the Rockies


3. Hiking

If you are on the lookout for a fun family activity, simply look out your window!  Within 45 minutes, you and the kids can be hiking to a Palisade or Grotto Falls in Hyalite Canyon or venturing up to Fairy Lake in the Bridger Mountains. There are several family-friendly trails surrounding Bozeman, so you will never run out of options! The experience your family will have spending a day on the hiking trails is definitely one they won’t forget. 

Hiking Bozeman


4. Visit a Local Park

Why not try a day trip to a local park? One of the fantastic things about living in a outdoor-oriented community is that people want community members to have access to the outdoors, even if it has to happen within city limits. Montanans care a lot about local parks, which can be a great way to spend some time outdoors without breaking the bank. Pack a picnic lunch and go explore wherever you are staying. Bozeman has so many unique local parks! The newest addition, Story Mill Park, features an adventure park, restored wetlands, and tons of trails for the kids to explore on 60 acres of land just on the edge of Bozeman. When we’re talking about families, we shouldn’t just think about the kids! The dogs count, too! Montana loves dogs so there are plenty of dog parks out there to explore. Every community in Montana has fun local park opportunities that can be a great way to spend the day! 

Story Mill Park


5. Local Outdoor Concerts

While people might not think of Montana as a musical hub, we are extremely fortunate in this state to have a lot of people who support live music. Because of that, local bands can really thrive. During the summer, many Montana communities host community concerts where the entertainment is completely free! On Thursday nights, Bozeman has Music on Main which closes down a section of Main Street so that people can wander the streets and jam to a live band. In recent years, they’ve added the Kid Zone which features bouncy houses and hula hooping! Big Sky has Music on the Mountains on Thursday nights, which is another free, fun family experience. It really seems that summertime is the perfect time for outdoor concerts.

music on main bozeman


6. Learn to Climb at Spire Climbing Center

Rock climbing is an excellent sport for kids and teens. It allows them to develop fitness, confidence, and communication skills—and most importantly, have fun and make friends! Spire Climbing Center offers a diverse selection of youth programs year-round, ranging from after-school and homeschool programs, to day camps and week-long summer camps. These programs give young climbers of all ages and abilities the tools they need to climb safely and take their skills to the next level.

indoor rock climbing


Written By: Cassi Miller, Zach Altman, Alexa Jorgenson

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