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Meissenburg Designs, owned and operated by Loyd and Laura Meissenburg, is a full-service design and fabrication company. They design it, make it and ship it, right here in Montana - All Montana Made, All American Made. Over the years, they've evolved from making homemade inks in a microwave and duct-taping makeshift equipment together to employing over 40 people in their state-of-the-art facility. These days, this Montana company also partners with featured artists to help their creations reach a larger audience.  

Here at Montana Gift Corral, we love supporting artists and the brands that feature their stunning work. In this article, we'll walk you through some of our favorite Montana  artists and their unique stories.


Ed Anderson

Ed Anderson has been a featured artist and designer for Montana-based Meissenburg Designs since 2013. An Air Force Veteran inspired by the great outdoors, Anderson's work is characterized by a unique application of bold lines and vibrant color. Great for indoor or outdoor display, all of Ed Anderson's aluminum signs are lightweight and ready to hang, right out of the box.

Anderson's work is inspired by his adventures across the globe, where his stories are discovered through experiences with the people he encounters and the landscapes he explores. 

 Timelapse of Ed Anderson at work in his Idaho home.

Through Ed's partnership with this Montana company, these colorful works are displayed on weather-resistant aluminum signs, allowing for a vibrant and easy to hang art piece for your home. 

Ed Anderson 3 Aluminum Panel Little Rainbow by Meissenburg Designs


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Marilynn Mason

Born in the splendor and beauty of Montana, Marilynn Dwyer Mason began creating art at a very early age. As a commercial artist, illustrator and portrait painter, Marilynn is proficient in pastel, watercolor, acrylic, oil and pen and ink. Her work has been exhibited throughout the United States and is represented in many private collections and galleries.

Marilynn Mason posing with some of her favorite pieces.Marilynn Mason posing with some of her favorite pieces.

A great delineator of America's history, Marilynn captures the realism and beauty of Native Americans from many of the tribes found in the United States. As well, her Black American pieces are rich and vibrant, telling wonderful stories of old.

Influenced by the work of Philip Goodwin, John Singer Sargeant and Oliver Kemp, her paintings of outdoor adventures depict the nostalgia of the first half of the twentieth century and have been described as magical western realism. Painting from her own vivid imagination, Marilynn creates an atmosphere that colorfully captures the beauty of the American west and its rich heritage, all in the form of fun-loving and endearing bears that truly warm the heart.

Camping Bears Red Framed Art by Marilynn Mason


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Karen Savory

An appreciation of both nature and art has always been a part of Karen’s life. Growing up she could never get enough of either. She would beg her dad to take her camping and fishing with the boys and then beg her mom to let her “help” with sewing and painting projects. Now as an adult, she has combined these two loves and creates art that shares her passion for nature and a sustainable life.

Karen Savory at work in her home studio in the Bitterroot Mountains.

Karen Savory at work in her home studio in the Bitterroot Mountains.

Karen Savory made her way west as a young adult and has been lucky to live and work in many beautiful places. Together with her husband, Van, she has traveled by bike and foot exploring our national lands while cultivating an even deeper appreciation of the value of nature. Today, they call the foothills of the beautiful Bitterroot Mountains of Montana home. They spend their free time wandering off-trail, listening to nature’s song, growing their own food, and doting on their flock of chickens.

Karen Savory On the Verge Metal Box Art by Meissenburg Designs


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By Zach Altman 



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