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Mom, mommy, momma, madre. Whatever you may call your mother, it means love, care, protection, and warmth. A mom is somebody you can rely on, no matter what. There are all sorts of amazing moms in each of our lives, whether it’s your own mother, your sister who brought your incredible nieces and nephews into this world, your daughter-in-law that has become like one of your own children, or the grandma who loves anyone that sits at their table. These people that carry the title of “Mom” deserve to be celebrated every day; we couldn’t contain our excitement until this Sunday, so we’re going to share a bit about some of the special moms in our lives today.

From Cassi Miller about her mom:

I get my voice and my laugh from my mom. She is always happy, always smiling, and without even knowing it, she was somehow able to pass that magical joy onto me. I always try to embody her outlook on happiness and life every day. Referred to fondly by my dad as "Marshmellow Mom", she always made sure my brother and I got the best experiences in life, from a Little Mermaid-themed birthday party when I was seven to a surprise camping "trip" in the front yard with all of my friends in middle school. I have a lot to thank my mom for, and I don't think I can ever show her how much she means to me!

Cassi and her Mom

From Chris Wood about Mama Wood:

She’s been the guiding light in my life. No matter what situation I had gotten myself into (time after time). Of course there was the discipline, but no matter the trouble, her unconditional love prevailed. She... has a name, and that name is Mom. I love my mom. Now that my mom isn’t someone I get to see everyday, the calls and FaceTime conversations are some of the best treats in life. Mom, I may have given you a grey hair or two, but know I love you... and that’s unconditional. Happy Mother’s Day Mom.

Chris and Mama Wood

From Amy Arnes about her Daughter-in-law:

One of my favorite moms in the whole world is my daughter-in-law. She is so beautiful and smart.  I admire her for her wisdom, kindness, and deep love for her family.  She is a fun, selfless, and caring mom.  She goes out of her way to make us feel  loved  and valued. She takes time to call me just to chat or catch me up on the latest cute things our granddaughters are saying or doing.   We are both crazy about the same people!  As a mom, you pray and  hope for the perfect mate for your son.  I am forever grateful that she loves mine as much as I do.

Amy's Daughter-in-law

From Stephen McNeal about two of the most important moms in his life:

My mom is tough. She always gives it to you straight and saves the sugar coating for the baked goods. She’s passionate about music, dance, literature, and loving the people close to her. I admire how open-minded she has always been. I’d like to think I’m like her in all of these things. My mom was an English major who became a high school English teacher and inspired me to write and study English just like her. In high school, I remember asking her to proofread a paper of mine that devolved into us having an argument over semicolon use. Perhaps, at times, we are too similar. I don’t get to be with my mom nearly enough, but I call often and know I can tell her absolutely anything. I picked the photo of her standing behind my brother and I at his graduation because I think it’s a great metaphor for her role in our lives. She always puts us first and is always our biggest champion. I love my momma!

Mom at Daniel's Graduation

My mom is also a proud grandma thanks to my sister’s three little ones. I remember making my oldest niece cry when she was little because I was telling her that her mom was my sister. “No, she’s mom!” I remember her protesting as the crying intensified. And, from my perspective, it’s crazy that she is somebody’s mom (now it’s three somebody’s) and not just my sister. She does it well, though, and I’m so proud of the mom that she has become. My nieces and nephew are so smart and caring and I know that’s a product of my sister’s love. All I need to do to know how hard my sister works everyday is to call and be put on speakerphone. I’m amazed.

Family at Easter

To all the moms out there, thank you!

Written by Cassi Miller, Chris Wood, Amy Arnes, and Stephen McNeal

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