Montana Gift Corral Items to Help You Get Cozy

    Winter is the season for lots of things. For some, the colder weather means putting on a bigger coat, grabbing your skis and hitting the slopes. Winter is the time for activity and excitement for those who participate in winter sports. However, there are some people who love winter for an entirely different reason. Winter is by far the best season for cozy days nestled up in your favorite blanket and the Montana Gift Corral is happy to help you get cozy this winter!




Snuggly Style

Snuggle Style on Montana Gift Corral Items to Help You Get Cozy with Issa Rabideaux

    The first step to getting ready for any kind of day is picking out your outfit. We’ve all heard the saying “look good, feel good” and that’s true for any look and feel. Covered in grime and mud? You probably feel a little gross and down. Wrapped in an extra soft bathrobe by Lazy One with a pair of your favorite Bear Paw slippers, you will feel like royalty. If you want to get extra cozy, the Montana Gift Corral has a surplus amount of fantastically comfortable sweaters. Shrug on your favorite sweater, grab your robe and slip into some slippers, cuz you’re lazy day is about to begin!




Cozy Comforts

Cozy Comforts on Montana Gift Corral Items to Help You Get Cozy with Issa Rabideaux

    Now that you look cozier than a cat in a sweater and much happier than one, it’s time to set your scene. No cozy day in is complete without two very important essentials. You’re favorite pillow and blanket! To set the perfect cozy day home scene all you gotta do is grab your favorite throw pillow. The Montana Gift Corral offers a wide range of pillows, from wooly pillows with Montanan scenes to sleek pillows with watercolor dreams. Not only that but the Montana Gift Corral has some of the softest fuzzy blankets you could ever hope to dream of. Wrap up in a warm southwestern motif patterned blanket, pretend to disappear in a fun camo-pattern blanket, or sink into soothing softness with a silver throw blanket. Once you have your favorite blanket and pillow, why not set the mood with your favorite candle? The Montana Gift Corral has a wide range of refreshing, soothing, and rejuvenating candles that come in a wide variety of scents. From the captivating scents of sweet lime gelato and raspberry yuzu in the Summer Sweets candle to the memory jarring scent of lemongrass and green tea.



Drowsy Drinks

Drowsy Drinks Montana Gift Corral Items to Help You Get Cozy with Issa Rabideaux

    After you’re all dressed up and the scene is set, it’s time to get some props! Nothing will warm you up faster than steaming mug of your favorite beverage! The Montana Gift Corral has a wide range of fun mugs you can choose from! Get a cup that expresses your dreams of adventure, or a mug that comes with a mini version for your mini-me! The Montana Gift Corral is also proud to offer a wide range of coffees, teas, and cocoas! Whether you are trying to get a kick start with a cup of coffee, an herbal remedy with some tea, or just want some sweat coco goodness, the Montana Gift Corral has something for you! Even if your idea of a soothing drink is something a little strong, the Montana Gift Corral has some beautiful wine glasses that compliment any situation.




Sleepy Snacks

Sleepy Snacks on Montana Gift Corral Items to Help You Get Cozy with Issa Rabdieaux

    Now that you are snuggled up and sipping away, it’s time for some snacks! Because let’s be honest, there is no way a Cozy Day is complete without some of your favorite feel-good foods. I mean, how are you supposed to truly relax and treat yourself, without treats? But don’t worry, the Montana Gift Corral has got you covered. The Montana Gift Corral has all sorts of snacks, from fancy summer sausage to delightful huckleberry scones. One of the best snacks the Montana Gift Corral has to offer would be the Caramel Waffle Cookies. These delightful treats are best if you let them slowly warm up over your cup of coffee and then dunk them in! Another sweet treat that Montana Gift Corral loves is Bequet Caramels. Bequet Caramels are made in our very own hometown and are the perfect bite-size snacks for your cozy days.




Restful Reading

Restful Reading on Montana Gift Corral Items to Help You Get Cozy with Bring Jade Home: The True Story of a Dog Lost in Yellowstone by Michelle Caffrey, and  Lady Long Rider: Alone Across America on Horseback by Bernice Ende with Issa Rabideaux

    Now that you are dressed to the comfort-nines and have your cozy day refreshments, it’s time to get your lazy day started! And what better way to spend a cozy day at home than with a good book? Just because it’s too cold for outdoor adventures doesn’t mean you can’t join someone on theirs! Go on a frenzied and frozen journey with David, Laura, and others in their desperate search of Jade. Bring Jade Home: The True Story of a Dog Lost in Yellowstone by Michelle Caffrey is the story of a young Australian shepherd getting lost in Yellowstone National Park for forty-two days. A world full of bears, wolf packs, coyotes, and mountain lions is no place for a year-old pup, and the panic grows as days turn to weeks with only brief and distant sightings of the young dog.  Bring Jade Home is a story that is bound to capture your attention, carrying you on a journey that will melt your heart and restore your faith in the world. Or maybe you would rather hop into a saddle and ride for 2,000 miles to New Mexico? Bernice Ende is the Lady Long Rider and her story is nothing short of incredible. In the summer of 2004, after Bernice had retired, she was sitting in her saddle and admiring the Whitefish Mountains when she had her “vision.” It was of herself, dirty and tired, riding across a desert on a stranger’s horse. But it wasn’t the imagery that startled Bernice, it was the overwhelming need to just go. And soon Bernice was getting ready for her first ever long ride from Montana to New Mexico. In Lady Long Rider: Alone Across America on Horseback Bernice shares her stories from all of her long rides, logging over 29,000 miles in the saddle. Ride beside her through storms and deserts, experience the loneliness of coming home to find that home is something new, and feel the endless call of the horizon. Whether you go searching for lost dogs or searching for what lies just beyond the horizon enjoy yourself and your journey. 



     Or maybe you just want to lay in your bed naked and playing on your phone with an apple and a glass of water. Cozy days are about you, and what makes you happy and relaxed. Whether that means snuggling up in your favorite bathrobe, lounging in a beloved t-shirt, or gorging yourself on those tempting caramel waffle cookies. Just remember, cozy days are about you, so enjoy yourself. And know, that however you choose to spend your Cozy Day at home, the Montana Gift Corral is happy to help!


By: Issa Rabideaux 

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