My Dog Duck

My dog, Duck, is an 8-month old massive mutt. I picked up my pup from Stafford Animal Shelter in Livingston at the beginning of March when he was just 10 weeks old and 10 pounds. They said he would be a medium sized mixed breed and get up to about 44 pounds. I like big dogs and was kind of hoping the 44 pound guess from the shelter would be off. Be careful what you wish for. The last time I could pick him up and hold him on the bathroom scale with me he was 65 pounds and on track to be 240 pounds at two years old. I suspect his exponential growth will taper off at some point and we won’t make it to triple digits, but who knows.

Duck on Dog Bed

Even though he’s a big guy, he’s incredibly sweet and feels like every dog and person he comes across should be his best friend. Sometimes he doesn’t really get that other dogs aren’t that fond of him and tries to play in spite of their snarling and growling. He is still a puppy and has no idea where he begins and ends; nothing is safe from his tail. He has several naps startlingly cut short by flopping off the bed or couch. At the dog park he has no idea that he is several times larger than his similarly aged peers and that he may come across as a bit intimidating. He has found a Great Dane and Irish Wolfhound that he enjoys rolling around with that still manage to make Duck seem small.

Duck Chewing on Dog Bed

Beyond being a large dog, Duck is a chewer. He is able to devour rawhides in the blink of an eye, tennis balls are shred into a million pieces, and stuffed toys are disemboweled in record time leaving my house covered in white stuffing. Unfortunately, Duck has not fully learned what is and isn’t ok to sink his voracious teeth into. He has destroyed a volleyball, a computer mouse, a sandal, gone through three leashes, and chomped through four ethernet cords. I’m hesitant to say he has gotten better at chewing things he shouldn’t for fear that a new mastication phase may set in.

Duck Chewing

A few select items Duck does not pulverize, but, rather, hides. Some of his bones and random rawhides he is intent on putting deep into the couch and chair cushions or under available blankets. He is so keen on hiding some of his toys by nudging them with his snout that I had to stop him for several days when he rubbed his little nose raw and was starting to bleed. I’m not sure if he suspects me or my roommates of taking his toys and treats or he is prepping for leaner times, but I’m sure there’s enough hidden about my house that some items may never be found.

Duck Beaten Path

Being a big dog just means there’s more to love! And less room in my bed for me. He’s a little charmer that has the entire neighborhood convinced he’s a sweet and well-behaved young man. By and large, he is a gentle giant that has a laid back disposition, but has some puppy tendencies that he’ll grow out of...I hope.

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Written by Stephen McNeal

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