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New Products for a New Season

It's beginning to look like a new Spring season here in Montana. The snow is starting to melt, fresh, green grass is poking out in its place, and birds are becoming more and more active. Montana Gift Corral is embracing this transition with a fresh drop of new products we are thrilled about! 

Our new products are bringing a budding feeling of excitement to our humble gift shop. It is rejuvenating seeing the novel creations our vendors have made. We are embracing the classic saying, "Out with the old, in with the new," and we think you should embrace it too!  With beautiful, new, paper quilling cards, fun wall tarps, and more, let us help reinvigorate your life this new season!

Sugarboo & Co Notebooks 

Considering how hard life has been the last 3 years, we think it's best to enter this new season with optimism and a heart full of love. To help keep your spirits high, we highly recommend starting the habit of journaling. Journaling is an amazing way to work through big emotions and overwhelming feelings. Writing in a journal that is for your eyes only allows you the safety of being able to be completely open and honest.

We understand that it's not easy to start a new habit like journaling. That's why we are happy to introduce a fresh new set of Sugarboo notebooks! With a journal this good looking, it will be hard to not want to write in it! Let the aesthetic enchantment of a high-quality, leather notebook bring you the inspiration you need to implement the new habit of journaling. 

Leather Notebook

Sugarboo & Co Wall Tarps

Being gentle and kind with yourself is very in this season, at least we think so. You can do this through small changes like keeping your space clean, buying yourself flowers, and not feeding into your negative thoughts. This can be hard sometimes - life just gets too overwhelming and we are human! That's why we are over the moon to bring the new Sugarboo Wall Tarps to Montana Gift Corral! These inspirational wall hangings are full of lovely sentiments, positivity and grace. They act as gentle reminders of life's beauty and they are a great way to grow positivity in your household.


Sugarboo Tarp

Photograph Courtesy of: Sugarboo and Co

Dean Crouser x Meissenburg Collaboration

We are excited to announce the collaboration between Meissenburg Designs and Dean Crouser! If you know Montana Gift Corral, you know we are big fans of Dean Crouser. His watercolor style exudes bright, colorful energy and his use of animals gives his art a peaceful feel. Now, Dean Crouser artwork is made by Meissenburg Designs, which means, Dean Crouser's watercolor artwork is being produced right here in Montana! We are celebrating this collaboration with a happy dance! 

If you are as excited as we are about getting Made in USA Dean Crouser artwork, check out our collection here

Dean Crouser x Meissenburg Designs Collaboration

Quilling Card - The Artist Series

We decided that we are bringing back the art of letter writing. It was an easy decision because of the new Artist Series by Quilling Card. These cards feature famous paintings by artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, and many more talented artists. The beauty of sending a Quilling Card instead of any normal, greeting card is that the Quilling Card doubles as actual art! After reading the sentiments inside, the receiver can frame the card and use it to enhance their space permanently. Not only do you get to stay in touch with loved ones, but your loved ones receive a piece of art each time you write! So spread the love and the beauty of the quilling technique with these new quilling cards!


Quilling Cards Artist Series

Photograph Courtesy of: Quilling Card

Written by: Haven Windsor, MGC Content Creator

Blog Cover by: Averi Thompson, MGC Graphic Designer

Photography: Luke Clark, MGC Photographer

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