Our MOVAs and Their Zodiacs!

Have you always wanted to understand which planet rules over your sign and influences your behavior as a human being? Well, today is your lucky day! Did you know that planets and their respected rulings have a lot to do with astrology and are thought to heavily affect the energy of each zodiac sign? Each sign has a ruling planet, which many people believe offers insight to the complexities of human characteristics. 

In honor of International Astronomy Week, we have prepared a list of some popular planets in our solar system, which zodiacs they rule over, and how that might affect humankind. Take a journey to outer space with us, with the help of our collection of MOVA Globes, of course! 

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Who is Neptune? 

In Roman religion, the name Neptune often refers to the god of water and the sea. As the counterpart of the Greek god Poseidon, Neptune was often cited as the otherworldly individual who controlled the earth's winds and storms! In ancient times, Romans used to celebrate Neptunalia - a two-day festival to honor this once praised god who would bring water during times of drought and heat. 

Neptune's Role in Astrology

In astrology, Neptune is known as the modern ruler of Pisces. The commonly known symbol of Pisces, two curved lines with a straight line intersecting them, is said to represent two fish swimming in opposite directions. According to The Reference Desk, "Its glyph is taken directly from Neptune's trident, symbolizing the curve of spirit being pierced by the cross of matter."

First Discovered in 1846, the planet Neptune takes 165 years to orbit the sun entirely, and is oftentimes credited with showcasing the mysteriousness of life. People with the Pisces zodiac sign are often imaginative, gracious, and emotionally aware!

Our MOVAs and Their Zodiacs - Neptune

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Who is Mercury? 

Mercury, a major figure in Roman Mythology was truly a jack of all trades. In fact, he is considered the god ruling over commerce, eloquence, messaging, communication, and boundaries.

In addition to these roles, Mercury was known to guide lost souls to the underworld. Often mistaken for Hermes, Mercury is seen wearing winged shoes, a winged hat, and carrying the caduceus in his left hand. 

Mercury's Role in Astrology

In astrology, Mercury rules over Gemini and Virgo. Noted as the messenger of the gods, he was accredited for his impressive speed and swiftness. Unlike Neptune, Mercury only takes 88 days to orbit the sun, making it one the fastest orbits of any planet in our solar system!

As WeekendBreak puts it, "Astrologically speaking, Mercury represents the principles of communication, mentality, thinking patterns, rationality/reasoning, adaptability and variability." Mercury rules over the day-to-day relationships between humans, and offers guidance in communication-based complexities!

People with the Gemini zodiac are oftentimes social and creative, while Virgo's are more structured and analytical.

Our MOVAs and Their Zodiacs - Mercury

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Who is Mars? 

In early Roman culture, Mars was regarded as the god of war. The Romans looked to this god to represent the authority of their military, and to ensure peace among their communities. While being the son of Jupiter, the Roman people often looked up to Mars as a father figure, due to his practices of securing peace amongst their country!

Mars's Role in Astrology

In astrology, Mars is the modern ruling planet of Aries, and the archaic ruler of Scorpio.

With his spear and shield, Mars has paved the way for the upbringing of bold characters. In fact, individuals with the zodiac sign of Aries or Scorpio can often be described as ambitious, impulsive, strong, and energy-motivated!

Our MOVAs and Their Zodiacs - Mars

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Who is Jupiter? 

The king of the gods, Jupiter, was regarded as the god of the sky and thunder in Roman mythology, and was the the equivalent of the Greek god Zeus. In artwork from ancient Rome, you will often find Jupiter wielding the coveted thunderbolt, and accompanied by an eagle. The Romans believed that he oversaw all aspects of life, and would protect their country in times of vulnerability and hardship. 

Jupiter's Role in Astrology

The planet of Jupiter rules over the zodiac signs of Sagittarius and Pisces.

Commonly referred to as the "thinking-person's planet" in astrology, Jupiter guards the nontraditional mind, and benefits those with a goal of higher-education. Oftentimes, individuals landing in the Sagittarius or Pisces zodiac will be both intellectually or spiritually gifted, with a strong level of ethical/moral values, and optimistic tendencies! 

Our MOVAs and Their Zodiacs - Jupiter

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Who is Saturn

In ancient Roman culture, Saturn was most-commonly credited as the god of time, generation, abundance, and agriculture. He was known to offer times of "periodic renewal", and his reign was traditionally depicted as the Golden Age - or a period of earthly bounty! As the Hero Dictionary puts it, "In classical Roman mythology, Saturn is the god of seeds, crops, husbandry and the harvest (agriculture), leader of the titans, father and founder of civilizations, social order, and conformity."

Saturn's Role in Astrology

Archaic Roman mythology regards Saturn as the traditional ruling planet of Capricorn and Aquarius!

Because of Saturn's benefits to ancient Roman society, Saturn is noted to have been worshipped within the same prestige as Jupiter, the king of gods. As a fundamentally economical being, zodiacs ruled by Saturn can be described as dutiful, committed, responsible, and enduring!

Our MOVAs and Their Zodiacs - Saturn

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