Six Local Artisans We Love at Montana Gift Corral

     At the Montana Gift Corral, we do our absolute best to support our community. We know that without them we would never have made it as far as we have and we are incredibly grateful. The Montana Gift Corral is a proud supporter of local artisans. Our local artisans come from all over the Gallatin County, Montana and the Pacific Northwest. And below we have six of our many favorite local artists! 

Signs of the Mountains

    Everybody loves Montana and you probably wouldn’t be here if you didn’t. Do you know what almost everybody in Montana loves? Fishing. It makes sense, you can only drive about five miles before seeing another sign for another fishing access. And you have probably seen a whole lot more if you’ve visited our website recently. The new unique metal signs from Signs of the Mountains is a fun and legal way to bring home the sign for your favorite fishing spot.

Gallatin Fishing Access by Signs of the Mountains at Montana Gift Corral

    Signs of the Mountains was founded six years ago by the Youtube star, DIY Pete. Pete has always enjoyed trying new things and inspiring people to do the same. Pete worked with metal, concrete, and wood during his adventures in DIY and decided to turn his experience into original works. Two and a half years ago Pete found his business partner, James. James helped maintain their web presence and has worked to make connections with other artisans and websites. James and Pete both love their job, especially the part where they go out to find more trails and signs to replicate. They are both outdoor enthusiasts and enjoy getting the opportunity to connect with fellow skiers and hikers.

    Montana Gift Corral is excited to be partnering with Signs of the Mountains and is carrying a range of Fishing Access signs from local sites as well as some fun and unique coasters featuring their beautiful metalwork!

Camino Spice

Sasha Woods of Camino Spice at Montana Gift Corral

Photo courtesy of Camino Spice

    Inspiration can hit at any time, even when sickness slows you down to a pile of blankets and sniffles. Sasha C. Woods had inspiration take over when she was trying to remedy a cold while home all day. While in the kitchen, something took over. She calls it “Divine Inspiration,” and as she followed what felt right, seasoning began flying out of the cupboard and combined in ways she barely had time to record.  After a serving of her soul-driven solution, she felt a bit better, and after a second helping, she was feeling refreshed and energetic. What was her mix, and how could it have been a remedy to her cold?

Camino Spice Divine Inspired Spice Spicy at Montana Gift Corral

    After some research, it turns out the ingredients she whimfully combined happened to have many anti-inflammatory ingredients. The heat cleared sinuses and helped reach that scratchy spot in the throat just right.

    After she wrote down every herb and spice she combined, she began tinkering until she found the perfect combination of spice.  With that, she had to share what she could only describe as the work of a higher power. She began bottling her seasoning and selling it to local markets.  Next, she took her seasonings and applied them to the next best thing in the world - Chocolate. Combining some serious cocoa and Sasha's seasoning, the spicy chocolate became an instant hit, and multiple locations in Bozeman decided they needed to get this new blend into their stores. The Montana Gift Corral is proud to be one of the stores that managed to snatch up Sasha’s delectable inspiration. With jars of spices and bars of chocolate in both Sasha’s spicy blend and her not-so-spicy blend, there is flavor-journey for everyone waiting to happen.

Key Listener

Kyle Steiner of Key Listener Productions at Montana Gift Corral

Photo courtesy of Key Listener Productions 

    In 2011 a young man named Kyle Steiner had an ambition. He wanted to start an entertainment and multimedia company that could produce original content as well as provide services for external clients. Kyle got the opportunity to begin developing his skills and dream in 2013 and 2014 when he worked as an apprentice at KGLT and got his own night show The Key Listener Show. During the summer of 2013 while working at KGLT Kyle got the inspiration for his first book. That fall he was able to publish it. He then spent the next three years working with his team to produce his novel as a radio theater performance at Key Listener Productions.

Key Listener Production Patched by Kyle Steiner at Montana Gift Corral

    While Kyle was tirelessly working to make his dream a reality he notice a little balloon drifting over Bozeman. He watched it for a minute and wondered “where will it land if it pops?” At that moment Kyle gained inspiration for his next book. And it would be a tribute to the city Kyle loves the most, Bozeman.

Key Listener Production Patched by Kyle Steiner at Montana Gift Corral

    As fellow Bozemanites, Montana Gift Corral is excited to partner with Kyle to share his new book. The book, named Patch, is a delightful story about the values of friendship and what it really means to be one. Patched also features beautiful artwork that captures the essence of Bozeman elegantly. Meet Kyle this weekend at the Downtown Bozeman Art Walk on August 10th!


Firehole Pottery

 Carl Sheehan of Fire Hole Pottery at Montana Gift Corral

 Photo courtesy of Fire Hole Pottery

        Carl Sheehan found a love for pottery when he was still a football jock in High School all the way back in Rochester, Minnesota. His teacher introduced him to the craft in an attempt to channel his rowdy teenage energy. Even after graduating and joining the U.S. Marine Corps during the Vietnam War, Carl continued to explore the art of clay wherever he was stationed. After the war, Carl went to Bozeman’s own Montana State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1977.

                         Firehole Pottery Yellowstone National Park at Montana Gift CorralFirehole Pottery at Montana Gift Corral

    While Carl was working at the former Ketterer Arts Center in Bozeman a Yellowstone National Park concessionaire saw his work. At the same time, a new program had been a launched, the Artists-in-residence program. The idea was to have local artists work and live in national parks all over the United States. Carl agreed to apply and began his career at Yellowstone. Now every summer Carl migrates from his home in Bozeman to Yellowstone Park. Their visitors can watch and learn from him as he turns an ordinary lump of clay into the beautiful works of art we carry at the Montana Gift Corral.

Bridger Laser Design

Scott Doty Bridger Laser Design at Montana Gift Corral

Engraved Photo of Scott Doty courtesy of Bridger Laser Designs

     If you’ve been into any of the Montana Gift Corral stores or visited our website you have surely seen the beautiful wood signs that feature some of Bozeman’s most iconic buildings and local farms. But how does the Montana Gift Corral get fragile paper-photos and turn them into magnificent wooden-keepsakes? Three words, Bridger Laser Design.

     A year ago Scott Doty was working in the corporate world of Information Technology. However, after twenty-five years Scott was ready to find something a little different. He wanted to do something he loved and would enjoy doing, something creative. Scott had a previous interest in the art of wood burning. However, as he was researching more about it he ran across laser engraving and was captivated. Laser design requires computer knowledge and technical skills, and after twenty-five years in technology, Scott Doty had the skills he would need to learn.

Bridger Laser Design at Montana Gift Corral

    Scott can now engrave on multiple different surfaces from wood to metal and even glass. He carefully selects the design that will be engraved and uploads it to his computer. There he determines the speed and intensity of the laser, taking into account the material and image he is using. Some materials require more prep than others, such as wood, which needs to be identified, cut, and sanded. After each piece has been engraved he gives it one final clean and then seals it with a protective coating if needed.

 Bridger Laser Design at Montana Gift Corral

Photo courtesy of Bridger Laser Design

     As a laser engraver Scott has adjusted how he approaches his other hobby, photography. He enjoys taking pictures of older buildings as well as some scenic landscapes. But as a laser engraver, Scott looks at his photographs different and is always looking for the scenes that will provide stunning detail and depth to his engravings. Scott’s work can be admired at any of the Montana Gift Corral stores! Would you like to have a custom piece from Bridger Laser Design? Montana Gift Corral has got you covered, feel free to give us a call at (406) 388-7369 or shoot us an email at with ideas of what you would like and we will see what we can do for you! Don't forget to join us and get a chance to meet Scott this week at the Downtown Bozeman Art Walk!


Bequet Caramels

Robin Bequet of Bequet Caramels and Confections at Montana Gift Corral

Photo courtesy of Bozeman Daily Chronicle 

    If you love caramel than you have definitely tried Béquet Caramel. These mouth-watering little caramels are sold in over a thousand gourmet stores but few have the same privilege that the Montana Gift Corral has. Both of these businesses are based out of the beautiful Bozeman area. With Béquet Caramels started as a simple hobby for Robin Béquet. Friends and family gushed over the delicious treats and begged Robin to sell them. Robin would just laugh and write it off as things people who love you are supposed to say.

     However in 2001, the Telecom crash happened, and Robin’s twenty-five-year career met an abrupt end. Uncertain about what to do, Robin decided to see if she really could turn her beloved hobby into a career path. She set up a blind taste-test with some of the best caramels she could get her hands on. To her surprise and joy, seventeen of the eighteen adults she asked said they preferred the Béquet Caramels! With this knowledge, Robin launched her Béquet Caramels in December of 2001.

Bequet Assorted Caramels at Montana Gift Corral

    Now every batch of Robin’s caramels is made with natural ingredients including brown sugar, tapioca syrup, butter, sugar, whole milk, vanilla, and salt in the 11,000 square foot factory they have in Bozeman. Despite the impressive size every piece of Béquet Caramel is carefully watched and crafted to bring you the best-tasting caramel you’ve ever had. With five mouth-watering flavors available at the Montana Gift Corral it’s easy for you to find and enjoy these tasty little treats!

    By: Issa Rabideaux

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