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Spooktacular Bozeman Halloween Events

    It’s time for one of the most exciting nights of the year! A night when ghouls and goblins roam, masked devils peak out from behind trees, little witches streak by on brooms, and creatures of all shapes and sizes eat entirely to much sugar. That’s right! It’s almost time for Halloween! The spooky All Hallow’s Eve is a night of fun and excitement! It’s the one night of the year when we can dress in whatever crazy costume we can imagine and get free candy for doing it! From the smallest kiddos to the largest adults, everyone is excited to dress up and party this Halloween. And to help make your Halloween extra spooky the Montana Gift Corral has gone door-to-door filing our bucket with the best Halloween events in Bozeman.



Trick-Or-Treating at Downtown Bozeman and the Gallatin Valley Mall with the Montana Gift Corral

Photo courtesy of Hocus Pocus

    One of the best Halloween traditions is trick-or-treating! You get to dress up in a crazy costume and eat candy! Halloween is one of the few nights of the year when you get to live your dream of being a dragon, or a pirate, or a princess. You can be anything you want! After dressing up you get to hit the streets and go door-to-door to get free candy!  Bozeman has plenty of neighborhoods for trick-or-treating. With an almost endless amount of streets to explore you’re sure to go home with a barrel of treats.

    However, neighborhoods aren’t the only places you can go trick-or-treating in Bozeman! Downtown, the Emerson Center, and the Gallatin Valley Mall all host trick-or-treating events! Starting at 3 o’clock in the afternoon and going until six, over 125 businesses along Downtown Main Street will be offering up candy! Don’t forget to stop by the Downtown Visitors Center to get a free drink. The Mall starts its trick-or-treating at 5 pm and goes until 8 pm. Not only will there be trick-or-treating but you can get a free family Halloween photo and there’s a costume contest! Registration is for kids 12 and under and takes place between five and six. Don’t forget to fill your baskets with treats this Halloween with Downtown Bozeman and the Gallatin Valley Mall!



Haunted Houses. Hannon Hall Spook House. Anderson School Haunted House in Bozeman with the Montana Gift Corral

Photo courtesy of SecretSather

    Halloween is a time for spooks and scares! To get to feel what it’s like to have a heart attack without actually having a heart attack. Halloween is a time to feel your blood run cold and have adrenaline pulsing through your veins. And what better way to experience terror than at a Halloween Haunted House? Haunted houses are fun and safe ways to experience scary situations you normally wouldn’t get too. Plenty of people host mini haunted houses in their own yards and garages! Plastic sheets and streamers hang from ceilings and fog machines ad an air of mystery. Backyard Haunted Houses will also usually have bowls of intestines, eyes, and hearts for you to stick your hands in too! (Don’t worry it’s just peeled grapes and spaghetti.)

     But if you’re looking for something a bit more exciting, Bozeman has two fun-tastic haunted houses! The Anderson School Haunted House is one of the best Halloween attractions in Bozeman! This annual tradition is a local favorite. The Anderson School Haunted House is put on every year by the eighth grader’s at Anderson School to help fund their trip to Washington D.C. and Yellowstone. The house opens at 5:30 and runs until ten, but after seven it’s lights out! Hannon Hall at Montana State University also hosts a spooky haunted house! The Spook House, located in the basement of one of the dorm’s, is 16 and up only and opens at eight! All you have to do is bring a can of food or donate or a dollar! Be safe and scared this Halloween with Bozeman’s best haunted houses!



Haunted Maze. Bozeman Corn Maze, Bozeman Maze, Halloween Fun in Bozeman at the Montana Gift Corral

Photo courtesy of Stock Photos

    Houses aren’t the only spooky things on Halloween! There’s something extra terrifying about being scared and lost at the same time. Not only do you feel like your being watched, and not only is there a chance of something jumping out from around the next corner, but where are you supposed to go? There is no straight clear layout like schools and houses have. Oh no, in the middle of a maze every twist and turn counts and you have no idea which twist and turn is the right one. Mazes add the terrifying element of potentially making the wrong decision, of being afraid of not knowing where you are or where to go.

    And Bozeman has two fantastic mazes to thrill yourself with this Halloween! The Bozeman Maze is a fun hay bale maze located just outside of the city. It offers both daylight and flashlight tours and its expected to take about thirty to sixty minutes to escape. Not only that but the Bozeman Maze also offers other fun activities and food at the Maze site. If you want something a bit more spooky with your maze, why not check out the Montana Corn Maze? The Corn Maze is technically outside of Bozeman, but it’s in the nearby town of Manhattan.




Halloween Events! Harvest Carnival in Bozeman, Mt with the Montana Gift Corral

Gif courtesy of Tumblr

    Want to fill your Halloween with fun games and even more fun rides? The Gallatin County Fairgrounds and the Fellowship Baptist Church have teamed up to bring you a spooktacular Halloween event this year! Carnivals are a fun and exciting way to get into the holiday spirit, and Bozeman is happy to provide this fantastic opportunity. Carnivals have a wide range of activities that are perfect for getting into the Halloween spirit before you hit the town for your trick-or-treating.

     From horse rides to bounce castles, from games and prizes to face painting and candy, the Bozeman Harvest Carnival has it all! The Harvest Carnival is taking place at the indoor arena of the Gallatin County Fairgrounds. It starts at 5:30 pm on the evening of Halloween and goes until 8 o’clock at night! The Harvest Carnival is a great way to get into the Halloween spirit, especially after an afternoon of trick-or-treating along Downtown Main Street. Wear your costume and stop by the face-painting table to get really into character! Compete in fun games and contests to win prizes and get even more candy! The Bozeman Harvest Carnival is a scare-tastic Halloween event the whole family will enjoy!


Halloween Events for twenty-one 21 and up in Bozeman. With the Montana Gift Corral

Photo courtesy of Coloween

     Looking for fun Halloween events without little goblins getting underfoot the entire time? Halloween is a fun holiday for everyone. Children and adults of all ages get excited for our scariest holiday. There’s just something about having an excuse to dress up in whatever kind of costume we can dream up that gets our hearts racing. Not only that but if you’re over the age of twenty-one Halloween is a fantastic chance to try a few treats of your own! And Bozeman has plenty of spooktacular Halloween events that are perfect for people looking for treats without the kids!

    Starting on Wednesday, Oct. 31st venues all up and down Main Street and beyond are getting ready for a week of Halloween events! The Rockin R Bar and Mixer’s are both hosting Halloween parties! They are 21+ and Mixer’s has a small cover charge of $5. Both places will be in full swing with a DJ and karaoke at the Rockin R, and don’t forget your costume! Mixer’s and Rockin R are hosting costume contests with a cash prize for the best dressed! Pinky and the Floyd will be celebrating on the top floor of the Rocky Mountain Rug Gallery while Boobilly Junction will be rocking out at the Legion. Check out John Wayne and the Pain while they’re having a Halloween mash at the Zebra, or stop by The Filler for their annual Halloween party! The parties will be going all night long on Halloween and will continue into the weekend! Check out the Kiss FM Radio website for a more detailed list of all the scare-tastic Halloween events that are available!



    With so many different ways to celebrate Halloween in Bozeman you are bound to find something that is perfect for you! Whether you bring your kiddos Downtown for Trick-or-treating and then to the Harvest Carnival or you’re waiting for darkness to fall so you can try and escape the Montana Corn Maze by flashlight, the Halloween Events in Bozeman are a spooktacular way to celebrate the scariest holiday of all! So go out and trick, treat, scream, and scare for a fun and safe Halloween!


By: Issa Rabideaux 

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