Springtime Activities around Bozeman

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is a favorite for many locals, and well the rest of the world too. We consider Yellowstone National Park to be an amazing backyard, but many make the trip from 1000’s of miles away! From trails that lead into the depths of the wild, to easy to access tourist attractions including hundreds of geothermal hot spots that are only found here in the Yellowstone National Park. There is something for every member of the family, and sometimes our own Carl Sheehan makes a visit to show his world-class pottery! With an easy drive from Bozeman, Yellowstone is a treat for all. Check out any of our wonderful Montana Gift Corral Blogs about the awe inspiring Yellowstone National Park!


The Gallatin Valley is home to world class rivers; the canyons and bends of these rivers just outside of the valley is home to thrill-seekers from across the world! If you ever catch yourself driving the canyon south to Big Sky and see a few colorful boats that seem out of proportion floating down the river, well that's rafting! Rafts are designed to stay afloat through strong rapids and flows, while being able to be submerged but come back afloat! This skillful sport is growing in the valley! There are plenty of companies ready to assist you in the valley and will assist any skill level or comfort range! Get out there and have a little fun! 


Well... do we need to say more? Bozeman is one of the fly-fishing capitals of North America! With numerous companies aimed in angler products, the rivers themselves back these companies right up. Bozeman is the best for fishing! With the Madison, Gallatin, Missouri, East Gallatin, and more running through the valley, all of their tributaries and outflows make for amazing fishing as well. With plenty of guides and companies ready in the valley, Bozeman can be your best fishing getaway you'll ever have! 

Shopping Downtown

Bozeman's Main Street is truly special, no matter the season. We have an amazing group of neighbors on Main Street, and now is the time more than ever to shop local! As the months get warmer, our door tends to stay open down at 237 E. Main. Montana Gift Corral has been here for over 25+ years, and we've seen our hometown change over these years. One thing that hasn't changed is our love and support for the community and above all else, our LOVE for each and every one of you. As we open our stores again, we will all be practicing Social Distancing and pushing to our visitors to give each other some space. We ask that everyone keeps at-least a 6+ foot distance to help kick COVID-19 out of our lives. We will continue to sanitize and keep our stores clean as we did before! As Bozeman takes it's part in #reopeningthebigsky we will continue to take precautions to flatten the curve while continuing to be here for our community! Stop in and see us soon, and if you aren't ready for the trek downtown, we're always open at www.giftcorral.com :)

We love you all, stay safe and Happy Spring!


Written By: Chris Wood 




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