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The Dogs of Montana Gift Corral

Today, Thursday, August 26th, is National Dog Day! Much of the Montana Gift Corral staff are dog people, in fact, it's hard not to be a dog person living in a place like Southwestern Montana! 

To celebrate the occasion we would like you to meet some of our staffs wonderful four-legged friends! 

 dublin - dogs of mgc


Age: 2 Years Old

Fun Facts: Loves morning walks, cheese, chasing grasshoppers. Hates long car rides and the vacuum.

Cassi Miller



betty the basset hound


Age: 4 Years Old

Fun Fact: She is always the last one out of bed!

Ted Sullivan





Age: 3 Years Old

Fun Facts: Loves long walks, playing with other dogs, and can jump any fence!

Matt Ludin





Age: 10 Months Old

Fun Facts: Emmylou is a Golden Retriever who is obsessed with water! She's an amazing swimmer and loves to be outside.

Kenzie Savannah





Age: 3 Years Old

Fun Facts: Loves to bark into the fan while it's running & chase her tail!

Niko Niedermeyer





Age: 3 Years Old

Fun Facts: Will alternate paws to "shake" & she will carry on a silent conversation with you!

Niko Niedermeyer





Age: 5 Years Old

Fun Facts: She loves sitting in boxes and sleeping the day away on the couch!

Nanette Smith





Age: 8 Years Old

Fun Facts: She loves to cuddle and eat raspberries!

Nanette Smith





Age: 2 Years Old

Fun Fact: Luna has a weird obsession with ice cubes!

Aspen Lepkowski 



Kuma & Kosho

Kuma & Kosho

Age: 8 & 6 Years Old

Fun Facts: Kuma is a male and loves to play tag. Kosho is a female and loves  big hugs from people!

Trisha Gouveia





Age: Puppy 

Fun Fact: She's a dog version of Regina George from Mean Girls, but she loves to sing with you!

Trisha Gouveia


Organized by: Alexa Jorgenson, MGC Content Creator  

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