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The Dogs of Montana Gift Corral

The year was 2000, and a big question was beginning to surface, "who let the dogs out?" Since the "Baha Men" flooded the radio waves with this timeless hits, 20 years later and we're finally letting the dogs out. These are the Dogs of Montana Gift Corral! Much of the Montana Gift Corral company staff are dog people, in-fact it's hard not to be a dog person living in a place like Southwestern Montana! 

Introducing the Dogs of Montana Gift Corral, written for our best friends, by our family of staff. 



Flames AKA Flame Dog AKA Flamerator AKA Flames the Wonderful AKA Floofen is an 11-year-old red husky who I adopted from Heart of the Valley when he was two. As I was walking through the kennels, he jumped up on the glass, gave a big "wooooo", and it's been love ever since. He enjoys cool morning walks, stomping his feet and howling when he wants to go outside, digging holes, and being the center of attention. He also loves playing with all his best dog friends at Montana Murray Kennels (yes he goes to doggy daycare. Yes, he is spoiled). I couldn't imagine my life without Flames! 

Cassi Miller, CCT Coordinator


This is Paul. It's short for Apollo, but really he's really just Paul. He is 7 years old and is a very good boy. He loves snow, dipping his feet in alpine lakes, apples and playing in the yard. 

Zach Altman, CCT Contributor


Here are my four dogs.  The little white one is the Majestic Izzy B.  She is a pekingese Chihuahua, she is three years old and spoiled rotten.  The Black one is Zoey but we call her Zoe Bean because she is a little jumping bean and she can jump about 4 feet in the air straight up with no running start.  She is a Yorkie Poodle  Next is Zeus, he is gray and tan.  He is a Yorkie Schnauzer and he and Zoey are brother and sister, have they same father, they are both 7 years old and are very dependent on each other.  They hate when one leaves and the other doesn't.  The last one, the big White spotted dog is Rezz.  He was rescued from the humane society, he was found as a  puppy on someones porch with a broken leg.  We call him fat head because when we got  him his head was twice the size of his body.  They now match a bit more.  All four of them love to go camping in the summer and pretty much sleep all winter.  I can't imagine my life without my four fur babies.  

Brenda Johnson, Assistant GM Copper Horse Restaurants


Zoey Bean


Zoey B

Heimdall (Heimy)

This is Heimdall, Heimy for short. I adopted him from TRACS in Thompson Falls, MT a year ago. He loves being outside as long as it isn't raining, snowing, or windy because he is nervous about all three. He has some interesting quirks I've discovered due to his rough past but now that he has a safe home, it has been so much fun seeing his confidence grow. He may only be 16 lbs but when he's got the zoomies, he's the fastest dog at the dog park. Most days I feel like he's my emotional support dog and I'm his emotional support human and I wouldn't change that for anything. 

Savannah Angwin, Bozeman Location Co-Manager

Heimdall (Heimy)

I rescued Rufus from the side of the road in 2014. He had been abused and was very fearful of most people. After some time together, we’ve established a really strong bond. He’s a grumpy guy, but has a big personality regardless. He does a handstand when he pees, and likes to go on walks. 
My best friend runs a non-profit dog rescue out of Boise, ID called Freedom Bound Hounds. They pull dogs out of the south that needs help. I got Yoda from her in March, a COVID puppy and friend for Rufus. Yoda loves to play and snuggle. He also loves to take paper out of the trash and tear it up. Rufus and Yoda are best friends. Rufus is much happier having Yoda as his companion.
I love these boys so much and am so happy I am their human! 
Amy Ellis, Airport Retail Manager
Tank is a 10-year-old Morkie. He is named for his big attitude and for the day he crawled over the top of all his littermates to get to the dog bowl first. He was wrapped up in a box on Christmas morning and given to our daughters as the biggest, best surprise of their lives. That day, he wore a jingle bell around his neck and would tip over when he tried to eat, from the "weight" of the bell. He still has that attitude and prefers alone time. He doesn't much like his sister, Freckles, but will tolerate her as long as he has a good pillow to escape to. 
Freckles is an 8-year-old Cocker Spaniel. Freckles is more like a house cat. She despises rides in the car. She prefers to hang out on the couch and occasionally climbs up on the dining room table to eat bacon, cookies, bread, leftovers from dinner, or whatever might happen to have been put there. If she can't see the human she loves most, she will howl loud enough to wake the neighborhood. She's a good, super loving girl who has been through thick and thin with our family. 
Kellie Adams, Marketing Logistics Manager
Evy was adopted from Heart of the Valley and has been part of our family for 2 years now. She was ours from the very first lean. She is so full of energy, but such a goofball, which makes her fit right in. She enjoys playing fetch and chewing on her squeaky toys til they're no longer squeaky. Above all, she loves to cuddle. She takes every opportunity she can to lean into you, hop on your lap (even though she knows she won't fit), or she'll just settle for laying on your feet.
Sam Wadley, Procurement Specialist
Dawson Earl is one of the goodest good boys around, and so full of personality a first name just wasn't enough! He is a 5 year old border collie, with the energy of a puppy. He LOVES his ball and going on adventures, but is also happy to cuddle up and enjoy a lazy day. Daws has a kind heart and will do just about anything to make his people proud. He is a giant goof who we wouldn't trade for the world! 
Randie James, Procurement Specialist
Dawson Earl
I am writing my blurb in the dog's point of view!
"Hi everyone! Our name's are Cody (left) and Lily (right) we are two crazy pups that love to drive our parent's nuts! We love getting lots of pets and eating trash when mom and dad forget to put the trash away before they abandon us to go to "work". We love to spend lazy days on the couch but we are always happy to go run around the dog park! Mom and Dad spoil us rotten but we return the favor by loving them no matter what, even if they don't let us eat trash!"
Jessie King, Copper Horse Assistant Manager
Cody and Lily
Jake is the most challenging yet rewarding 9 year old Karelian Bear Dog that we adopted from the Beaverhead Animal Shelter in Dillon when he was almost one.  When Jake was four he acquired Myasthenia Gravis and MegaEsophagus which almost killed him until a local vet properly diagnosed this rare condition.  He must eat upright in a Bailey Chair which helps food reach his stomach with the help of gravity.  Jake loves hiking and walks and is still the best, worst dog that ever lived.
Les Gunderson, C.O.O. 
Jake's Custom Bailey Chair
Seriously, no one needs three dogs unless they meet a 13 year old Aussie named Judge that we adopted from 4 Paws Rescue in Cardwell.  Judge is simply the sweetest, most grateful good-natured senior puppy..  His heart is as big as his body and he literally smiles--all the time.  Not one day goes by that Judge doesn't make us laugh out loud with his goofy, adorable self.
Ruby literally snuck into the Montana Gift Corral Fulfillment Center 13 years ago bleeding from dozens of puncture wounds--terrified and starving.  It took three years for this beautiful soul to feel safe enough to not bite when startled.   Ruby loves to hike, camp, love and eat, Ruby lives to eat!  The benefits that I have received in my over 20 years have been numerous but rest assured that Ruby is my favorite benny! 
This man saved my life. He is my trail, ski, travel, swim, kayak, photography, (you name it) partner who usually goes wherever I go. He was dropped off on his first birthday at Heart of the Valley here in Bozeman, and quickly picked up by myself, and ever since he is the happiest, most loving pup there is. To say I love Stanley will never truly cut it, since words will never begin to describe the bond one has with their pup.
Chris Wood, Creative Content Contributor
Pieced together by Chris Wood

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