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The Montana Gift Corral's Creative Content Team goes to Copper Horse Restaurant

    Last week the Creative Content team got to check out the Yellowstone International Airport and explore some of its amenities. From the gift shop and cafe for friends and family of travelers to the amazing restaurant on the other side of security, we had the chance to wander about and explore to our hearts' content.

First Course

Montana Gift Corral in Bozeman at the Belgrade Yellowstone International Airport

The Montana Gift Corral at Yellowstone International Airport

    The first thing we had to do was get past security. But because we weren’t planning to board any flights, we needed to have someone on the inside act as our chaperone. Que the Montana Gift Corral’s general manager, Les. Both Cassi and Zack had special passes that allowed them to go through security on their own. After making it through security we had the whole airport to explore! After a brief stop at the Montana Gift Corral’s location behind security, we walked across the hall to the main attraction, The Copper Horse Restaurant!


Second Course

Montana Gift Corral's Creative Content Team goes to the Copper Horse Restaurant at the Bozeman- Belgrade Yellowstone International Airport

The view from the Copper Horse Restaurant

    I had been to the Yellowstone International Airport a time or two, however, it was always at five in the morning and I was far from functional enough to explore. So when I walked into the Copper Horse Restaurant for the first time I was amazed. The first thing I had noticed was the view, and I’m sure that’s what many patrons notice first too. How could you not? The entire back wall is nothing but massive windows that offer a perfect view of the Bridger Mountains. After being dazzled by the outside, you’ll be dazzled by the inside as well. Beautiful stone pillars give way to stained wood before they peak into a beautiful wood ceiling. The cobbled stone and wood give it an almost cabin-like feel, a fitting sensation for a Montana restaurant. The homey feel is helped further by a beautiful stone fireplace that helps keep the place warm and toasty!

     The Montana love doesn’t stop at just the design. Along one wall a beautiful mural depicting a herd of horses spreads across several large glass panels. The rest of the walls feature different paintings and art from local artists. One beautiful painting is a three-panel aluminum moose by artist Ed Anderson.  


Third Course

Montana Gift Corral's Creative Content Team goes to the Copper Horse Restaurant at the Bozeman-Belgrade Yellowstone International Airport

Sportsman's Club and side Ceasar 

     Alright, alright, you didn’t come here to read about how gorgeous the Copper Horse is. You’re here for the main dish, the food. The Copper Horse Restaurant is all American and all Montanan. Most of the food is from local farmers and ranchers, providing fresh ingredients to tantalize your taste buds. They offer a wide range of breakfast foods as well as lunch and dinner options. Their breakfast is served before the first flight until eleven in the morning, which means you can stop by and get the delicious Jefferson, the Copper Horses’ biscuits and gravy, before your flight even if it’s five in the morning. Their dinner is served starting at 10:45 in the morning, and goes until the last flight takes off.

Kree Gullings and Cassi of Montana Gift Corral at the Copper Horse Restaurant

Kree and Cassi enjoying some funnel fries

    I had tried to ask the others to let us get some shots of the food we ordered, however, we were all so excited when our server brought us our food that it was hard to contain ourselves! Thankfully, one of us had enough self-control to take a pause halfway through so we could take a quick pic of the amazing Sportsman’s Club and the fantastic caesar. Even though Caesar salad is my ultimate weakness and I loved every bite of it, it was hard keeping my hands off of the funnel fries the others offered to share.

 Montana State University Bobcats cup and Copper Horse Restaurant forks at the Yellowstone International Airport

Go Bobcats!


Fourth Course

Montana Gift Corral at the Copper Horse Restaurant and Market at the Bozeman-Belgrade Yellowstone International Airport

The Copper Horse Market downstairs

    If you don’t have the time to stop by and have a sit-down meal at the Copper Horse Restaurant, you can always swing by the Copper Horse Restaurant’s Grab-N-Go! The Grab-N-Go is located right around the corner and offers a wide selection of sandwiches, bagels, snacks and can make you a fresh cup of coffee. The Grab-N-Go is a place I was familiar with when I had the early morning flights I would visit frequently to get some of the amazing coffee they have there. It was prepared delightfully and swiftly and helped wake me up so I could be a bit more human by the time I had to fly.

Issa Rabideaux, Kree Gullings, and Zack Altmen of the Montana Gift Corral explore the Copper Horse Restaurant and Market at the Bozeman-Belgrade Yellowstone International Airport

Kree, Zack and I exploring the Copper Horse Market

    Not only does the Copper Horse offer a Grab-N-Go past security, but they also have two amenities located before security. If you got to the airport early and want to have a quick last minute meal with a loved one who isn’t flying, swing by the Copper Horse Bistro. The Bistro offers a tasty breakfast selection as well as some fun snacks and sandwiches. While you hang out you can get energized with some lattes, or relax with some classic Montana brews. Just across the way is the Copper Horse Market that offers a wide range of snacks, some last minute Montana souvenirs, and any essentials you may have forgotten in your packing-panic!

 The Montana Gift Corral Creative Content Team at the Copper Horse Restaurant at the Bozeman-Belgrade Yellowstone International Airport

The Whole Creative Content Team finishing up at the Copper Horse



Copper Horse Restaurant at the Bozeman-Belgrade Yellowstone International Airport

    The Yellowstone International Airport in Bozeman-Belgrade is an adorable airport. It’s not nearly as large as some of the airports I have been to, but it has a homey and warm feeling to it, something the larger ones definitely lack. The art is all amazing, from the paintings to the sculptures and they all capture the beauty of Montana perfectly. If you’re ever flying and get the chance to go to the Yellowstone International Airport, it’s an experience I highly recommend. If you are lucky enough to have more than just a few minutes, check out some of the Copper Horse’s different options, the food and service are a true representation of Montanan hospitality. 


By: Issa Rabideaux

Photos courtesy of: Kree Gullings, Zack Altmen, and Issa Rabideaux


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