Celebrating the shipping team at Montana Gift Corral

With five retail locations and a booming online store, Montana Gift Corral is a bustling community of elves during the holiday season! Not only do we ship and receive online orders from our warehouse, we often relocate products from one store to another - all while handling phone orders and customer service.

Needless to say, the Shipping Team at Montana Gift Corral is the beating heart of our organization - and we couldn't be more grateful! Here's our favorite facts about the Shipping Team!


Shipping warehouse at Montana Gift Corral

The shipping warehouse at Montana Gift Corral!


They work hard.

Few folks work as hard as our shipping department! During the holiday season, they are busy cranking out up to 80 orders per day! 


gift wrap tissue paper at Montana Gift Corral

Unique gift wrap tissue paper at Montana Gift Corral.


Best customer service.

Not only does the Shipping Team package and send out orders, they also help answer the phones - answering shipping questions and processing orders over the phone so that you can get your Christmas gifts to your loved ones on time! 


Shipping supplies at Montana Gift Corral

Shipping supplies at Montana Gift Corral!


Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

There's no denying it - shipping in our modern age requires cardboard - and lots of it. To help keep our footprint light, our Shipping Team is committed to reusing any cardboard boxes and packing paper as much as possible. If the materials cannot be reused, then they are taken to recycling!


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Photos and words by Zach Altman  

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