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Made in Montana Bison Buffalo

To be Made in Montana, means to have been created without any shortcuts. Montanan's take pride in their work; that's how we have kept our heritage strong, and our history alive in the Treasure State. We're a Montana store, selling Montana products, supporting Montanan's through the whole process. We, are Made in Montana. 

Montana is a cold state, with snow flying a majority of the months of the year. With much of the state still left undeveloped, Montana is one of the last best places in North America. Since we're part of this wonderful place we call home, we have some standards to live up to. If we bare Montana in our own name, we have to own up to the standards of excellence the name holds with it. 

Since we love Montana, we like to support it too. We continue to look for new ways to support the community, and support local companies alike. When looking for local product to carry, we look for the same sort of excellence we strive for; we look for passion, love, and of course quality in these products and companies. If they weren't fun, friendly, and customer focused, chances are we don't carry their product. 

This excerpt is all about Montana, and what it means to be Made in Montana. From Montana Huckleberry products, Huckleberry Gifts, Made in Montana Gift Baskets, and Montana Jewelry, we take pride in our state and what it has to offer!

Check out our wonderful selection of Montana products, and if you see something you like; head over to the rest of our shop and we're sure you'll find much more!

Thanks again Bozeman, we'll be here for you!

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