Goat's Milk Soap by Windrift Hill (29 scents)


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Montana Gift Details:

  • Made in Montana
  • Base ingredients: olive oil, goat's milk, sustainable palm kernel oil, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, essential oils 
  • 5 oz bar

With any of the Goat's Milk Soaps by Windrift Hill, you're in for a luxurious, Montana-made soap in the shower! Each fragrance holds a new possibility for the morning. No preservatives are used in the making of these soaps, but high-quality fragrances and essential oils are! Each bar of soap contains one full ounce of fresh goat's milk and because of their handcrafted, cold process, retains all of its moisturizing glycerin to make your skin feel smooth and soft. Windrift Hill makes all its products in Conrad, Montana with help from their goats, a herd of 40 happy, healthy Nubian goats who spend their days grazing in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains. Start your morning out with any variety of Windrift Hill Goat's Milk Soap. This also makes a great Montana gift for anyone wanting a bit of Big Sky Country in their daily routine!

Montana Huckleberry: That Montana classic! This Rocky Mountain delight has a sweet and juicy scent with a hint of tartness.

Eye Opener: Wake up with the fresh scent of peppermint! It has a mild astringent quality that allows for use on your face and body.

Citrus Sun: This mix of grapefruit, lemon, mandarin, and nectarine makes you feel like you're showering in a sun-washed citrus grove!

Coffee n' Spice: Perfect for hard-working days and serious odors, this blend of allspice and coffee grounds exfoliates those pungent scents away.

Essence of Herbs: Imagine a deeply shaded forest after a rainfall - this soap is great for all. Corn meal is added for an extra layer of moisture. 

Flathead Cherry: Another Montana favorite! Flathead Cherries are rich and vibrant, and offer a light fruity scent in the shower.

Ginger Orange: Try out this combination of orange, ginger, cinnamon, and balsam - bright and earthy!

Grandma's Raspberry Patch: A beautiful swirl of tart berry scent that invigorates the senses during your shower or bath.

Honey n' Rolled Oats: When honey, milk, and organic ground rolled oats combine, you'll find that your skin has never been softer!

Lovely Lavender: Did you know that lavender is a natural disinfectant? You'll be squeaky with this relaxing soap that's made with real lavender buds.

Montana Sage: Breathe in the Montana air with a unique combination of Montana sage, juniper, and evergreen. It's almost like showering in the mountains! 

Relaxing: Melt this stress away with this soap which includes French lavender, fir pine, pure vanilla, Egyptian jasmine, and delicate musks.

Sandalwood: A pure and simple scent, sandalwood is woody, buttery, comforting, and a little bit sensual.

Spring Time: As fresh as your shower experience can get! You'll love this mix of hemlock, magnolia, and honeysuckle. 

Sweet Grass Hill: A full moisturization experience, this soap is blended with kelp powder and sea clay for a rich rinse. The light scent of sweet grass is that of a Montana prairie.

Sweet Honeysuckle: Pure wildflower power, your whole bathroom will smell in full bloom when you use this soap!

Sweet Magnolia: A blend of a little floral, citrus, and musk, sweet magnolia intoxicates the senses and leaves you feeling sexy! 

Sweet Pea: Sweet peas are a Bozeman, Montana icon, so this mix of honey and orange in floral form will have you dreaming of a late summer day in Bozeman.

Mother Earth: Bring the essence of the earth to your showering experience with juniper, patchouli, vanilla, jasmine, and rose geranium. This soap is made with dried flowers.

Fresh-Cut Grass: When you mix the scent of fresh-cut grass with jojoba beads for light exfoliation, you're in for a one-of-a-kind sudsing experience.

Cinnamon: Made with cinnamon oil, this is a great pre-shave soap as it lifts hair for a close shave and a spicy experience.

English Garden: The scent of an English garden is filled with vibrant flowers and plants. This soap includes hyacinth and heather to make you feel like you're strolling through a classic garden.

Fresh: A little bit of lily and a little bit of pink grapefruit, this soap is exactly what it says it is: fresh! 

Goats n' Oats: A no-nonsense, full moisture experience, this bar is made with a pure dose of almond oil for a deep, refreshing scent.

Lilac: Is there anything better than the summertime scent of lilac? This soap is full of that wonderful lilac scent and made with dried botanicals.

Oh Joy!: Described as their creamiest soap, this bar is made with cocoa butter, almond, and coconut. It's a mild scent with a moisturizing punch.

One: This soap is called the one because it's all the best fruits and florals packed into one bar! A touch of vanilla and musk bring balance to the one!

Rain: Made to look like swirling waters, breath in warm summer rain every time you use this bar.

Zesty Lemon: Chockful of lemon zest and lemon oil, you'll love how crisp and clean you feel after a zesty lemon shower! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Susan Hodges
Great soap!

I use goat milk soap for my dry skin. This past Christmas my cousin gave me this brand, and I love it. It's my favorite.


Was given to me by my neighbor whose parents live in Montana and my husband and I really like it will be ordering some in different scents.

Steve Wadhams
Great soap

Its like having two products in one...the clean and moisturizing..will buy again. It's a little pricey but well worth it