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We all know it - Montana is wild and weird. From the historic 'ladies of the night' that once provided solace in the territories' back alleys and upstairs taverns during the pioneering mining days, to the wild and rugged beauty that the Treasure State continues to provide, Montana has it all! 

We love to celebrate our state's wild and weird heritage all year around at Montana Gift Corral, which is why we put together our favorite list of wild and weird Montana books for you to enjoy!


Montana Chillers: 13 True Tales of Ghosts and Hauntings | By Ellen Baumler

Montana Chillers
Do you believe in ghosts?

Prepare for thirteen encounters with the supernatural as you shiver through some of Montana's most chilling tales of ghosts and hauntings.

All of these stories are true. They are about real people, real places, and real events. Are you prepared to be scared?
Ellen Baumler is an award-winning author and the Montana Historical Society's interpretive historian. A master at linking history with modern-day supernatural events, Ellen's true stories have delighted audiences across the state. She lives in Helena in a century-old house with her husband, Mark, and its resident spirits.

Wild Montana | By Donald M. Jones

Wild MontanaWild Montana, featuring award-winning wildlife photographer Donald M. Jones, beautifully showcases wild creatures of his home state. Whether on two wings or four feet, none are too small for Jones to capture with his camera. He has photographed Montana's wild in the state's three main habitat zones: lush forests, craggy mountains, and open plains.
His lifework, widely published in several photo books and national periodicals, come together in this gorgeous volume of candid images of Montana's wild creatures amid spectacular scenery. Humor, threat, glee, concentration, curiosity, inventiveness, and many more moods appear in these rich color images, which span species and seasons in the Northern Rockies.
Jones' informative, and often humorous, captions offer a little natural history along with personal tales that allow the viewer to experience moments in the life of a wildlife photographer.

Boudoirs to Brothels: The Intimate World of Wild West Women by Michael Rutter

Boudoirs to Brothels- The Intimate World of Wild West Women by Michael Rutter

The mysterious life of the women of the night is all right here in one book. Boudoirs to Brothels gives you the stories of the infamous women who ran the brothels of the west. From Etta Place to Mary Elizabeth Haley the book has over 12 different western women to read about.

Farcountry Press makes all their books in America with stories of the old west. Boudoirs to Brothel gives you a true historic view on how brothels came about and their influence.

Get ready to read a story about the wild west!


Yellowstone Wild and Beautiful | By Fred Pflughoft

Yellowstone Wild and Beautiful 

Here is Yellowstone National Park as few of us are privileged to see it -- far from the roads, deep into the forests, in all seasons of the year. Fred Pflughoft's love of this unique place shows in every image printed here, drawing viewers into greater understanding of the world's first national park, and why this land was preserved for the world to share.


 Montana Madams

Montana Madams

Learning about the history of the Wild West can be an interesting topic through the perspective of the madams. Montana Madams contains stories about the ladies of the night and their time in the boudoirs and brothels of some of Montana's more famous cities. The book has twenty-three different Madams who were in the trade of skin, and includes instances in which the madams had to lay down the law.

Farcountry Press makes all of their products in America to give you great quality products. The Montana Madams book will be great for when you explore the old towns of Montana.

Make sure you get your book before coming out to explore!


Cover Photo by Zach Altman

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