Fir Needle Natural Soy Candle by Bedrock Tree Farm (4 sizes)


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  • Soy Wax Candles
  • Wood wick 
  • Multiple sizes

I think we all long for that fresh evergreen scent once in awhile, whether it be as soap or in our homes. Well with Bedrock Tree Farm, you no longer need to wish for it. The Fir Needle Natural Soy Candle by Bedrock Tree Farm is a clean burning, wood wick soy candle that releases the fresh scent of fir into any room! If your home need a fresh pick-me-up, start with the wonderfully distinctive aroma of Bedrock Tree Farm's Fir Need Natural Soy Candle!

From what started from a lobster business in the '90s, Tom and Angie switched gears after a large oil spill affected their fertile lobster netting areas and got into the Christmas tree business! After some agricultural hurdles, they had a thriving farm. If you didn't know, Christmas trees sell the best when they are perfectly shaped, so Tom and Angie were clipping and shearing a lot of branches. Angie had the idea to take the clipped branches, dry them, and turn them into powder! Now, they are able to create unique body products and candles with a rich and fresh scent! Without a doubt, you have to try the Fir Needle Natural Soy Candle by Bedrock Tree Farm!

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