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Toasty Toez Kids' Boots by Lazy One (2 animal options)


Brand: Lazy One
SKU: 66181
  • Kids’ shoe sizes: XXS (4-5), XS (6-7), M (10-12), L (13-1)
  • Polyester fleece and faux suede construction with rubber soles
  • Spot-clean only

Featuring funny floppy ears or antlers, and cute, fuzzy noses, these snug children’s boots are perfect going into the chilly holiday season! Keep your kiddo’s toesies all nice and toasty with a thick fleece lining and soft suede exterior, and liven up those winter months! Give those tappin’ toes a cozy outlet for their dance moves, and spark a love of wildlife in your child with the Toasty Toez Kids' Boots by Lazy One.

Started by a humor-loving couple focused on breaking into the comical clothing market, Utah-based Lazy One has grown to be a major name in cozy home-wear. From boxer shorts to PJs to slippers and more, Lazy One’s combination of comedy and comfort is as unique and wholesome as ever, and is available for every member of the family! So stock up on snicker-worthy slipper socks, funny family flap-jacks, or playful party pot-holders – all served up with a hearty dose of hilarity