Wild Huckleberry Apple Butter by Huckleberry Haven (2 sizes)


SKU: 62718


  • 11 oz. jar
  • Made by Huckleberry Haven in Kalispell, Montana
  • Combines Montana huckleberries with Macintosh apples

Few things say home-cooked comfort quite like apple butter. Combine it with huckleberries and the delicious possibilities are endless. Huckleberry Haven begins with sun-ripened Montana huckleberries and fresh Macintosh apples, which are picked at their juiciest. The two fruits, along with apple cider, sugar, cinnamon, and clove, are whipped together for that smooth apple butter texture we foodies love. While we can't blame you for wanting to keep it all for yourself, this does make a great little Montana gift for someone who loves a good breakfast treat! We highly recommend adding this to any Montana gift basket for that special someone. 

Montana is very well known for its huckleberries, and they are seen as somewhat of a delicacy. Huckleberry season begins in August and they must be harvested from the wild. There is no real successful way to commercially grow them. Huckleberry Haven partners with local huckleberry hunters all over the area to find those delectable berries! For those family members and friends who weren't lucky enough to visit Montana with you, Wild Huckleberry Apple Butter is sure to impress and keep them asking for more. Enjoy the taste of Montana with Wild Huckleberry Apple Butter from Huckleberry Haven!

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